Birchbox Coupon - Free BeautyBlender with Subscription

Birchbox Free BeautyBlender

Subscription: Birchbox

Cost: $10 / month

Coupon: BLEND *use this code before May 15

WHAT’S IN THE BOX?</p> 4 - 5 personalized beauty samples that's determined based on a beauty profile that you complete once you subscribe. You'll also get to earn your money back by reviewing the items you received. Each item you review will earn you 10 Birchbox points which equals to $1. So you're essentially getting your box for half the price! You can redeem every 100 points for $10 in the Birchbox shop.

This is a crazy good deal! The value of the BeautyBlender alone is $26, plus you get a Birchbox filled with beauty samples and all this for only $10! If you haven't subscribed to Birchbox, you should totally get in on this deal, I think it's one of the best ones they've offered so far.

Note: When you do subscribe, the BeautyBlender won't show up in your cart, but it will say that they accepted the coupon code, and that confirms that you'll be getting one even though it doesn't show. Don't ask me why, that's how Birchbox operates and I've done this multiple times to know it works.