Beekman 1802 - Orange Fudge Sauce


Product: Beekman 1802 Orange Fudge Sauce

Price: $12.99

So I received this fudge sauce in my February Little Lace Box and fell chocolaty in love that I just had to try the Orange flavor. I’m glad I did. I’ve always loved the combo of orange and chocolate, so I knew it was love at first sight.

BeekmanOrangeFudgeBox.jpg The box it came in from Little Lace Box.

BeekmanOrangeFudgeOpenBox.jpg They packed it safe alright, I had to dig through to find the fudge.

BeekmanOrangeFudgeOpenBox.jpg Finally, fudge is found safely in bubble wrap.

BeekmanOrangeFudgeOpenBox.jpg I love what they said about their fudge, it was funny and.. well.. true. If you can’t figure out how to eat this fudge, then yes, please put it back in the box and send it my way #NotKidding

BeekmanOrangeFudgeOpenBox.jpg I’m actually not a big fan of goats milk, but you can’t really taste it. You can only taste chocolate orange awesomeness. And looking at the ingredients, I can see why. All natural whole ingredients - que applause.

VERDICT: I never knew I liked fudge and goats milk until I found Beekman 1802. And if you like orange flavor, try this version but make sure to also try their original flavor as that is a must. I’m more than comfortable paying the $12.99 price for this fudge awesomeness, and the jar size is quite big too. I always have a soft spot for good food and natural ingredients, so this fudge knocked it out of the park for me.