DermOrganic Intensive Hair Repair Masque Review

Vegan and sulfate free!

Product: Dermorganic Intensive Hair Repair Masque

Price: $6.99 (90 ml - 3 fl oz), $18 (250 ml - 8 fl oz), $40 (1 liter - 33.8 fl oz)

Being that I constantly color my hair and that I also have long hair, a good hair masque is a staple for me. Not only does it need to moisturize my hair, it also needs to have good and safe ingredients. Along comes DermOrganic.

First off, I love the dispenser. I hate having to squeeze hard plastic bottles just to get product out, it’s not easy especially when you have wet hands in the shower. This dispenser is hands friendly. My hands thank you.

DermOrganic Intensive Hair Repair Masque Reading the benefits, it seems all promising and I can’t wait to see if it delivers. I also can’t believe that you only need to leave it in your hair for only 1 minute, that’s fast.

The ingredients: DermOrganic Hair Masque Ingredients I’m impressed with their ingredients! I wish they excluded the fragrance part, but you can’t have them all.

DermOrganic Hair Masque Ingredients As I pumped some out, you can smell a pleasant fragrance that’s not too strong. It’s both fresh and sweet. Texture is like a thick cream that doesn’t feel too oily and I also didn’t need to put a lot for my waist length hair, which is a plus. I left it on for a minute as suggested then rinsed off. Once I towel dried my hair, I definitely noticed a big difference. Typically I would need to spray some leave-in conditioner to detangle and moisturize some more, but not this time. I combed my hair with no issues (usually it’s quite tangled) and let it air dry.

Final result, my hair was softer and very minimal frizz (which says a lot since I typically have a lot of frizz when I don’t use any product at all). My hair also felt stronger and although this masque had natural oil in it, it did not weigh my hair down, in fact I think it added some volume to it (my hair was air dried too!). I’m glad I found this masque and this is now my go to for hair treatment.

My Thoughts: Great hair masque that is not only effective but has natural and vegan ingredients. It’s also safe on color-treated hair. The cost is also very affordable compared to brand name conditioners and masks, and this bottle will go a long way for me. Needless to say, this is my new favorite hair mask!