Frais Hand Sanitizer Review - Small & Pocket Size

The essentials

Frais Hand Sanitizer

Product: Frais Hand Sanitizer

Price: $7 (50 ml) & $3 (6 ml / pocket sized)

I’m a germaphobe therefore constantly washing my hands or using hand sanitizer. But doing either one of those frequently would dry out my hands. So I searched for better and gentler hand sanitizers -et voila, Frais. This product got so many high ratings from other users that I just had to try it.

"Frais Hand Sanitizer was created to add luxury to the smart practice of regular hand sanitizing. Les Huit is an elegant blend of eight essential oils and sugarcane alcohol. It provides a natural aromatic moisturizing sensation as addictive as Frais' practical sanitizing benefits."

The fragrance is so fresh -I love it! Right off the bat I smell the ginger, tangerine, lemon and basil.

Frais Hand Sanitizer Ingredients I also love that the ingredients included a lot of natural oils to moisturize my hands, I definitely feel the difference.

Frais Hand Sanitizer Sizes

Frais Hand Sanitizer Pocket Size The smaller version is well, tiny! But I think this size would be great to insert in my small party clutches or for my husband to put in his pocket.

VERDICT: A great hand sanitizer that doesn’t dry up your hands and is made of natural ingredients. The shape of the bottle is so cute too! Plus they donate towards clean water, definitely a plus in my book. I’m inserting this in all my bags!