Rifle Paper Co. x LeSportsac Collection Now Available!

Rifle Paper Co LeSportsac

Rifle Paper Co. x LeSportsac collection is now available!

I'm truly madly deeply in love with their patterns! My love affair started with their gift wraps, which are devine and the recipient of your gifts will think oh so highly of you. Then continued on to their greeting cards, then their water bottle, and now I must, correction -absolutely must, have their bags!

They have so many to choose from, I can't decide which to buy first. I'm debating in getting either the Small Melanie or the Hailey Tote.

Rifle Paper Co LeSportsac Small Melanie Rifle Paper Co. x LeSportsac Small Melanie in Marion Floral $74

Rifle Paper Co LeSportsac Hailey Tote Rifle Paper Co. x LeSportsac Hailer Tote in Monaco print $82

Will you be getting something? Let me know which one you like!