My Apple Watch Hermès Review!

Product: Apple Watch Hermès

Cost: Single Tour $1100, Double Tour $1250, Cuff $1500

Where to buy: Because this is a Limited Edition, you can only purchase them in select stores. There are only 15 stores in the U.S. and 2 in Canada that will have them. Check their website (it's at the very bottom of the page) for your nearest location.

*One tip I'd suggest is to call Apple and you can reserve one in your nearest location. But note that they can only put it on hold for 2 hours. So when you reserve, you still need to get there quickly but at least this way you'll know if your item is in stock and not waste a trip.

When the Apple Watch first came out, I was already planning on getting it but once I tried them on in my "Apple Watch appointment" there wasn't a single one that fit me well or was fashionable enough. Of course this is minus the Apple Watch Edition that starts at $15k, that was not in consideration or budget, I wish!

So when Apple announced their collaboration with Hermès, I knew that was it, I just had to have one. I love Hermès and yes, I'm an Apple addict, so combine those two... it's a match made in heaven.

Apple Watch Hermès shopping bag

No matter where you purchase your watch (an Hermès store or Apple store), your watch will still be presented in this fabulous Limited Edition shopping bag. Of course it had to have the iconic Hermès orange color and I so appreciate that they made an exclusive bag for this. I was walking out of the store proud with this in hand ;)

First look at unboxing

Once you open the outer box, you see a white sturdy plastic case that says the Apple | Hermès collaboration logo. You can't really see it because it's white and it's hard to capture it on photo, but it's there.

Apple Watch Hermès Case

The white case is sealed with plastic, so you need to open it from the green arrow shown in the above picture.

The watch has finally made its appearance! So gorgeous, I can't wait to wear you!

A closer look at the watch

The watch itself is also sealed with plastic. Every single detail has been secured so that the watch arrives to you in PERFECT condition!

Here's a shot of the gorgeous Apple Watch Hermès:

I am so thrilled I got to get my hands on one of these today! It's even more beautiful in person... ahhh, I'm so excited, can't contain myself!

And just in case you weren't aware, this watch comes loaded with watchOS 2, which is the newest operating system for Apple Watch. The system has been refined. It's now faster, more powerful and is loaded with more features to make for a better personal experience. You can click here to see all the specific updates.

A closer look at the band

As you can see, the band marks its maker and what a maker he is. It's also of course Made in France as it should be.

Now on to the charger...

Apple Watch charger

The charger is located at the bottom of the box, just as pictured above.

That circular item is the watch's magnetic charger. It connects with your watch for effortless charging. Nice!

A look at the watch being charged

I like that it snaps easily to the watch when I want to charge it, but I think I definitely need to buy a dock or stand for it. That way it won't easily fall off, plus it can be displayed nicely as a bedside clock when I'm sleeping at night.

My Thoughts: I'm a BIG fan of Apple so to be honest, it's kind of hard for me not to like anything from them. This watch especially since not only is it a cool tech gadget, it's also oh-so fashionable with this Limited Edition Hermès collaboration. That was genius. Not only will this cater to women, but men as well. I saw an equal amount of men and women buying the watch today. The quality of the leather band is exquisite, and the whole packaging was on par with what you'd expect when you buy an $1100 watch. Of course with the updated watchOS 2 system, it makes this watch not only beautiful on the outside, but pretty powerful on the inside. I absolutely love my new watch!