Brode Electrolyte Vitamins + Coupon!

Brode Electrolyte Vitamins
Brode 10-pack

Product: Brode Electrolyte Vitamins

Cost: $24.95 for the 10-pack (taxes apply to CA)

Where to buy:

Coupon: Click Here to receive $5 off 10-packs of Brode Electrolyte Vitamins!

I discovered this little magic pill from Little Lace Box and have been hooked ever since. It really does hydrate you and I found it working its magic when I travel, do sports or when I'm partying it up and drinking a little more champagne than usual.

Brode Mail Package

This is how you receive your Brode shipments in the mail. A white padded envelope with their brand stamping on it.

They also ship pretty fast. Shipping is done through USPS First Class and it took only 2 days for me to receive it in Los Angeles from New York.

Benefits of Brode

I went on a couple of tropical vacations these past couple of months and I tend to snorkel a lot, so I take a Brode pill prior to diving in and I feel hydrated even after a few hours of snorkelling!

I also use it when I travel in an airplane and one time I was out so I couldn't take any and I definitely felt a difference. When I took Brode, I felt more hydrated and refreshed even after traveling for more than 5 hours in the plane. Without it, I was thirsty constantly.

Now let's not kid ourselves, the one main thing that attracted me to Brode was the fact that it can help with hangovers. Yes, you know that feeling (I hate it). So when I first got this, I tried it out right away by taking it prior to a dinner party with friends that involved a few bottles of wine. Typically I'd have to drink lots of water in between wine glasses, after the party, and the morning after. But with Brode, I didn't have to drink as much water and felt great the next day, amazing!

I'm actually subscribed to their monthly delivery of 10-packs and it brings the cost down to $18.97 versus $24.97. It includes Free Shipping as always plus you can cancel at anytime, no commitments needed. Such a great value and to tell you the truth, 10 packs is sometimes not enough since my husband discovered how great they are as well. Sigh, I should've kept it a secret from him ;)

Free Brode Koozies!
Free Koozies with Purchase

I don't know how long this will last, but I received Free Brode Koozies with my purchase. During checkout I got to specify how many Koozies I wanted and I chose 2 (I didn't want to be greedy here, lol). They're so cute and I surely will be using these to preach how good Brode is!

Brode keeps me happily hydrated!
Brode keeps me happily hydrated

My Thoughts: I truly can't say enough good things about this magic pill and I think you'd just have to try it out yourselves to see what I'm talking about. It truly is a magic hydration pill and I can't live without it now. Plus if you click on this link, you'll get $5 off a 10-pack of Brode (regularly $24.97) or you can always just try a single pouch that has 1 pill for $4. No matter what you buy, you'll always receive Free Shipping (I love that about them!), so no added cost there. I totally recommend them and hope you find them to be just as great as I did!