Honest Company Product Review + Free Trial Box & Coupon!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links

I was in need of some products for my upcoming vacation so I made an offset emergency purchase. My bundle box is coming later this month but since these items are low priced, I didn't want to use them as part of the bundle -yes, I think in price versus value whenever I can, it's in my genes! You can read about what bundles are and how much they cost at the end of this post.

This review is for products purchased from The Honest Company and not their Essentials Bundle Subscription. You can read the review of my June 2015 Essentials Bundle Box to see what I received last month.

Delivery is always fast for me since I'm in California and that's where they ship out of.

As always, the box was packed with air cushions even though my items are not quite fragile, but that's how they ship all their products, safely and securely.

My Items:

I wanted to try out their facial wipes (a new item they released last month) and hand sanitizer spray, so I thought I better buy some now before I go on vacation and take it with me to my tropical getaway. And sunscreen is always a must, so might as well add the sunscreen stick. Good thing I didn't have time to browse some more or else I might have convinced myself in adding more must have items, lol.

Hand Sanitizer Spray (2-pack)
2 fl.oz. (60 ml), $5.95

All natural, no-rinse disinfecting spray for long-lasting antibacterial protection- anywhere, anytime!

I'm a self proclaimed germaphobe which is why I have hand sanitizer with me at all times, no joke. I've never tried a spray sanitizer before (I've always used the gel version) so I had to get this to try out. It's unscented, which is great for those who are sensitive with certain fragrances, and the ingredients are safe and healthy for daily use. After using this spray for a few days now, I think I prefer the gel version better. I think with gel it provides a more complete coverage to the skin plus the correct dose can be dispensed (you can control how much or how little you need). The spray however dispenses a pre-measured amount requiring you to spray more than once at certain times which is not ideal or convenient. But that's just my own honest opinion.

Sunscreen Stick SPF 30
Net Wt. 0.5 oz. (14g), $9.95

Ultra pure, mineral-based non-whitening sunscreen in an easy stick is perfect for faces, ears, and noses - hello happy, healthy faces!

I like sunscreen sticks to cover targeted areas that may require more protection such as scars, face or certain areas that may be sensitive to the sun. I use it on my face that have sun damage and because I'm correcting it with peels and laser, I need the extra sun protection in those areas. This stick does what it's supposed to do and in a healthy way, that's always important.

3-in-1 facial towelettes
30 pre-moistened towelettes 7.6” x 7”, $6.95

Ultra-soft wipes effectively remove dirt, oil and all traces of makeup.

These are great for traveling which is why I had to have some prior to my trip. They're convenient for a quick refresh on the plane or anywhere really, or at night when you're too tired to wash your face. Either way, face wipes are always in my beauty supply stash because I find that I always need them one way or another.

My Thoughts: Honest Co. is fast becoming my trusted brand for house cleaning and skincare supplies. I don't have to worry about their ingredients and they constantly release new products because they listen to their customer's needs. I'm subscribed to their Essentials Bundle so I restock on my supplies monthly. My bundle will be arriving later this month and I'll definitely be posting a review then!

What's Honest Co. Bundles?

Subscription: Honest Company Essentials Bundles

Cost: $35.95/monthly. You can fully control the delivery date to whichever date you want and cancel anytime. Shipping is Free with purchases over $50.

What's in the box: You can choose any 5 items from their line of personal care & home cleaning essentials. Additionally, you can add 3 extra products to your bundle at a 25% discounted price.

Deal: Get a FREE Essentials Discover Set filled with 5 travel-sized essential family items made with non-toxic, natural, and safe ingredients, valued at $13.95!

Coupon: $10 off a minimum purchase of $25 with promo code AMBASSADOR10 at checkout (first time customers only)