Merrithew Tubing Ankle + DVD Review

Merrithew Tubing Set The Products:

I received a Merrithew DVD set in my Fabfitfun Spring box and loved it. Since they also included a $25 gift card, I just had to add another DVD to my collection. Summer is coming and I gotta get ready for it, tone tone tone!

The company is based in Canada so shipping was pricey, $16.69 to ship the Tubing Ankle and DVD, that's more than the Tubing Ankle itself! Good thing the $25 gift card relieved the price a bit for me. The shipping itself was fast though, it took only 4 days (including weekend) for it to reach me.

Merrithew Tubing Merrithew Tubing Feet Merrithew Strength Tubing Ankle (Regular)

Confession, I had 2 major surgeries last year for my right knee due to a skiing accident. So my main goal lately in fitness is to strengthen and build my muscles that I lost on my right quad. This seemed perfect and it actually is now that I've done the exercises.

Using the Tubing Ankle helped a lot to focus my workout on the quads and I definitely felt an increase in strength after completing the DVD just once. My husband is not one to workout by watching a video, but his interest piqued when he saw I received this funny looking tube in the mail.

Here’s what they say about the Tubing Ankle on their website:

Increase lower body sculpting and toning with this regular strength Ankle Tubing, available in three resistance strengths, It works all lower-body muscle groups, and it 's made of TPR tubing for a greener environment.

Total Body Tone with Tubing - Lower Body & Core DVD:

Specially chosen exercises use added resistance around the ankles to increase the challenge and boost your results. This workout will tone thighs, glutes and calves and strengthen the core abdominals.

VERDICT: This is a great set to have to build your quads and abs! It's light and travel friendly, and the price (minus the shipping) is affordable. The company itself is well known in the Yoga and Pilates community and it shows in their DVDs. My next addition will be their Pilates!