MissionCute Cyber Monday 2015 Box Review!

Mission Cute Cyber Monday 2015 Box!

The Box: Mission Cute Cyber Monday 2015 Box

Cost: $14.95 one-time fee + $5 Shipping

What's in the box: The perfect gift for teachers, coworkers, friends and family! 6-8 items from past MissionCute boxes. Valued at over $70!

MissionCute is first and foremost a subscription box (they send out lifestyle items from local businesses and also partner with a different non-profit every month) but once in awhile they come out with one-time gift boxes as well. To celebrate Cyber Monday, they had a special box at an amazing price that I just had to purchase. Yes, I had to, it would be a crime if I didn't. And it finally arrived earlier this week so I'm excited to share this review with you!

First look at unboxing
First look at unboxing

Second look at unboxing
Second look at unboxing reveals the actual inside packaging

Third look at unboxing

Finally, you see the products inside!

So far it looks great and I can't wait to see everything in detail!

Here are the items inside the MissionCute Cyber Monday 2015 Box:

Mission Cute Cyber Monday 2015 Items

I can't believe I got a watch! I'm already happy.

Items in detail:

MissionCute Bag
A pink makeup bag

This makeup bag is good in size and will surely be used for my travel or gym needs. The pink color is also bright so it'll be easy to find in my bag.

MissionCute Bag

Inside, the bag is lined with plastic coating so it'll be easy to clean as well as liquid friendly.

MissionCute Bag Charm
Bag Charm

This teal bag charm although cute in style, is not fluffy enough for me to use by itself, but that's my personal preference. When compared to the purple bag charm that was included in the FabFitFun Fall 2015 Box, this one falls short since the tassle material is rigid making it look kind of flat when attached to a bag. It might look good when layered with another bag charm though, so I might just do that.

MissionCute Bracelet
Grace Bracelet

This bracelet's message and purpose is to raise awareness on the importance of clean water. Every purchase will provide one week of clean water to someone in the Central African Republic. I like the positive message and cause, and I will surely use this.

MissionCute Watch
Geneva Watch

So happy to receive this watch! It reminds me of Coachella and I'll be using this for sure when I go next year! This watch is adjustable, which is great for my small wrists, and the quality is just like any other standard watch. I love this!

MissionCute Necklace
Gold Heart Necklace

I love delicate and simple necklaces, they're great on its own or layered. It's a must to have these type of necklaces in my collection. The heart symbol is also one that I wear often, I find it feminine and chic at the same time. Another great item!

MissionCute Picture Frame
Picture Frame

This frame is small in size (3x3") and it seems a bit flimsy to me. I believe it's made of paper, but I do like the design so hopefully I can still use it.

Here's a picture of it from a side view:

MissionCute Picture Frame

I tried to open the stand in the back of this frame to its fullest position, but this is the most I got which is not that much. It was easily toppled down. I'm hoping I can stretch the stand more so that I can make it more stable. I'm sure I can since it's made of paper.

MissionCute Masking Stickers
Masking Stickers

I use masking stickers for scrapbooking, gift wrapping, or to enclose envelopes. The designs on this set is both bright and cute, I can't wait to use these on my correspondences.

My Thoughts: Wow, for a $14.95 box, this was pretty great! I couldn't really do a cost breakdown for each item as the info cards didn't list the brands or makers, and I believe most of them are either from an Etsy shop or other small businesses. But they promised a value of over $70 and I think the items all totaled up could amount to that even when I'm judging the prices myself, so that was good. Every item was useful and will be used, and I still can't believe I received a watch. I know that these items were featured in their past subscription boxes, but since I don't subscribe to them, they are all new to me. If they ever have deals like this again, I will for sure grab one. And don't worry, I'll let you guys know when that happens. Hopefully soon!

FYI, this box is sold out, but MissionCute has a monthly subscription box and you can checkout their website www.missioncute.com to learn more or subscribe.