Produce Candles in Mint Review

Mint Scent

I LOVE LOVE LOVE candles and when I'm blogging or need some zen, I absolutely need a candle lit up next to me to make me feel happy.

I also need all my candles to exclusively be made from soy wax and not the regular ones that's made from paraffin. Here's why: Soy wax are natural, non-toxic, don't increase the level of CO2 and also don't require chemicals to scent them. All natural baby!

Hence my love for Produce Candles. Their made with all natural soy wax (which means it's 100% soy wax) and premium cotton wicks.

I was first introduced to them from my April 2015 Popsugar Must Have box (it was a Rhubarb scent), and I just had to have some more. So I ordered their seasonal scent for May which was Mint, and I love mint, so that was an easy decision. If you pick their seasonal month scent, you get Free Shipping.

Here's how it came shipped to me:

Produce Candles Mint Box Produce Candles Mint Box2

They packed the candle safely inside and it arrived in one piece, without a single scratch!

And tada, ready to burn! Produce Candles Mint

Produce Candles in Mint, $20

VERDICT: Produce Candles are amazing and I'm forever grateful to Popsugar Must Have box for the love match. The Mint scent is fresh and sweet, relaxing yet invigorating, totally perfect for spring and summer! And the jar it comes with is sooo retro, it'll look good in any kitchen or room. I can't wait to add more candles from them to my collection!