rumbaTime Gramercy Watch Review

Product: rumbaTime Gramercy Watch in Sand

Price: $70 + Free US Shipping


So I got my first rumbaTime watch by adding it on to my Birchbox for this month and I was instantly in love. (Read my review of that watch here). And I knew I had to add more to my collection, especially when I went to their website and saw so many gorgeous styles.

Since I have (and wear) a lot of sliding knot type of bracelets, I knew I had to have the Gramercy watch the moment I laid eyes on her. This would perfect to layer with my bracelets! And in Gold too, yes please!

I wasn't quite sure how the watch would stay put without it sliding off since I really couldn't tell how you adjust and lock this watch from their website, but now that I have it on hand, it's actually easy and quite genius. All you have to do is put it on your wrist, pull the braided band to your comfort and voila, it stays put and doesn't budge. To take it off, you just pull the braided band and it comes off. So easy!

Here's a picture of the toggle up close:

Another cool thing about this watch is the inconspicuous small knob to adjust the time. It's located above the watch (right above 12 o'clock) and is somewhat hidden by braided band. See picture below.

the knob is right above 12 o'clock

When I first unboxed the watch and tried to adjust the time, I was somewhat perplexed, but I found it shortly after so all was well. I think that's the perfect place to put the knob in, especially since there's just enough room for it and it makes the face watch even more simple and sleek.

My Thoughts: This watch is not only beautiful in design, it's also convenient and quick to put on. I love the simple face watch, the inconspicuous adjustment knob, and the toggle that magically makes the band stay put. The $70 price is also super reasonable for such quality and design, and I'd gladly pay more. I'm more than happy to have added this watch to my collection. So there you have it, a beautiful watch by rumbaTime -simple, cool yet uber chic.