My Newest Bag Addition: Stella McCartney Falabella Shaggy Deer Tote!

The Product: Stella McCartney "Small Falabella" Shaggy Deer Tote

The Price: $1195

Where I purchased this from:

I've been eyeing the Falabella tote for awhile now but originally they only had it with silver metal, and I prefer gold. But then they released the gold version a few months ago and I was so tempted, so finally last week I decided to dive in and buy it! It was one of those days where I felt like "you only live once so why not" lol =P

I can honestly say that ever since I got my hands on this gorgeous tote, I haven't been able to wear any other bag. I just keep reaching for this. It's not only gorgeous, but it also can fit quite a lot of stuff inside. I can see this being my go-to bag for travelling too!

You can always tell a Stella bag by her signature circle medallion:

And another feature that's a plus, you can also wear it as a clutch! A big one, but a clutch nevertheless. All you have to do is fold the top over to one side and voila, a clutch it is. See picture below:

The bag as a clutch

And here's some pictures of the inside:

A zipped compartment inside the bag

All of her bags are Made in Italy

In case you didn't know, Stella McCartney never incorporates real leather in all her products. She's an outspoken animal advocate and PETA supporter, so her brand is animal-friendly. They use non leather, vegetarian materials with unique finishing and highly skilled manufacturing techniques that make the fabric feel like leather and just as durable too. They obtain it by a process of distressing the surface of the fabric, and the distressed look will continue to develop with time, giving it an even more vintage feel.

My Thoughts: This is definitely my current "it" bag and I'm so glad I purchased this! It's gorgeous, can fit a lot of stuff, and can be worn as a clutch too. And yes, although it's "vegan" leather, it truly does feel like real leather and the fabric is both durable and luxurious. It's definitely worth its price and then some!