French Box relaunches with May 2015 Box - Cannes Film Festival theme!

French Box

The Box: French Box

The Cost: $36 bi-monthly with Free Priority Mail shipping

What's in the box: A minimum of 5 French products in fashion, cosmetics, gourmet, accessories and other surprises. The products in the box are usually either produced, distributed or designed in France. They can also be from a French brand, popular in France or part of the French culture.

The theme for May 2015 relaunch box is Cannes Film Festival! Read more about their theme and what they have in store for May here.

French Box is a fairly new subscription that started last Fall, but it went on a brief hiatus due to restructuring. Their last box in February was such a flop (they included an expired skincare) that many subscribers were outraged. They tried to make it right by sending 2 additional full size items, but the damage was done. People lost faith and many cancelled. So it was only logical for them to step back and restructure their company in order to regain the trust of their subscribers.

Here's their relaunch announcement:

What’s new?
No time to read? Here's the short list: the box will ship every other month, the price is now $36, you are charged only when the box shipping date is confirmed, you can cancel or pause your subscription at anytime and the next box should ship around May 20th 2015.

A better experience
More flexibility: Cancel or put your subscription on hold at any time, pay only a few days before your box ships.
More transparency: We will provide more information about products such as ingredient lists and use-by dates.
The promise that all brand name products we send you were acquired directly from brands or through their official distributors. Easier, faster customer service through your dashboard.

A box every OTHER month
For a renewed focus on quality and experience.
Shipping dates will be “expected dates” and confirmed about 2 weeks before we ship the box.

A new price: $36
A box with with better products, more exclusive products and prodcuts that you cannot find in the United States.
More information about the products you receive.
Free Priority Mail shipping.

I'm happy that they are coming back and it seems like they've changed into a better and brighter direction (based on their changes) and let's hope that's true with their May 2015 box. I'll post my review as soon as I get my box!

I love everything about France. The language, the food, the country. I've been to France (most recently last fall) and getting a box monthly to remind me of the Provence or Paris "La ville de l'amour" makes me happy. So although they had a bit of a hiccup, I kept my subscription and am giving them another chance.

I've also been in contact with them during their whole restructuring, and their customer service has been very helpful and informational, and it seems transparency is a priority for them now. So that's a good sign.

Subscription to FrenchBox is on invitation only at this time, reserved for existing subscribers. Subscribers can register on this page (login required) to get the May 2015 box.

If you're not a subscriber, sign up for the waiting list and they will let you know when the registration opens to the public.