Orange Glad November 2015 Review!

Orange Glad!

Subscription: Orange Glad

Cost: $19/monthly for the "Sweets Box" that consists of 5 dessert treats, OR $31 for the "Double Gift Box" that contains 10 dessert treats. Prices include shipping.

What's in the box: Each month you'll receive gourmet baked goods curated by food experts.

This is my first box in trying them out, so I was quite excited to open this up!

First look at unboxing
First look at unboxing

Upon unboxing, the first visible sight is of a small info booklet:

Orange Glad Info Booklet
Orange Glad Info Booklet

Inside the booklet they include short stories of the artisan chefs who created the treats, as well as a description of the treats themselves.

And here are the items inside the November 2015 box:

Orange Glad Items

I see a Toffee theme going on, and although I'm not a big fan of it, they still look pretty tasty.

Items in detail:

Seattle Chocolates Thanks-olate Truffle Bar
Seattle Chocolates Thanks-olate Truffle Bar

The chocolate bar's packaging already makes me so happy, plus it's quite a big bar so I can't wait to open this up! I also think this bar could be a great addition when you're making a Thank You gift box or even by itself with a card to show some gratitude to that special person.

"This sweet and salty milk chocolate truffle bar is filled with toffee bits, sea salt and gratitude. Playful graphics, bright colors and delicious chocolate: a cheerful way to say thank you. Now using Rainforest Alliance Certified™ cocoa."

Salted Toffee
Salted Toffee
The Poisoned Apples Salted Toffee topped Caramels

This salted toffee tastes both sweet and slightly salty as the name suggests. It's very slight in saltiness though so don't worry if this combo sounds too weird for you. I found it more sweet so you'll still satisfy that sweet tooth craving. It was also crunchy and creamy as it had caramel as well, but not too much, just enough to give it some chewy texture.

"each caramel starts with a buttery crisp shortbread cookie, then a heap of smooth creamy buttery rich caramel, each caramel is then dipped in chocolate and topped with black sea salted toffee."

Dottie's Delight Maple Caramel
Dottie's Delights Maple Caramel

Okay, so I must confess, I'm not a big fan of caramel as well. I can handle some, but not when it's full caramel. So I had my husband try this on my behalf, he didn't mind either and was happy to oblige. His verdict is that although not his favorite due to personal preference, it was still quite yummy and good.

"Handcrafted soft caramels made with organic cane sugar and award winning New England maple syrup for an indulgently rich and creamy indulgence."

Tennessee Toffee
Shotwell Candy Co. Tennessee Toffee

The packaging is cool and retro, I always appreciate a good package especially when it's resealable, it resonates well with me and shows that the company cares about aesthetics too and not just the actual product. And the toffee itself shares the same quality, it was good and felt like an adult treat with the added bourbon in its ingredients.

"Our Classic Tennessee Toffee made by slow cooking Grade AA butter and pure cane sugar until that perfect golden color is achieved, adding a splash of barrel-aged bourbon and a handful of fresh roasted pecans, and then finishing it off with a covering of premium 60% cocoa dark chocolate and just a hint of crunchy sea salt."

Bleeker Street Brittle
Stud Muffin Desserts Bleeker Street Brittle

You can find these brittles sold in both Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue, and they come in cute clear buckets! I'm not too fond of brittle as well (man, this month's item doesn't seem to be doing to well in my charts), but it was buttery, crunchy and nutty, so it was quite good in the end. Plus it's all-natural and gluten-free, so if I were to like brittle, this would be a great snack.

My Thoughts: Orange Glad can be a good subscription if you want to try out some artisinal sweets that are unique. The value doesn't seem to be there especially for what you're paying, but you will definitely discover some new sweets that you've never tried before. This month's items and theme just didn't do it for me though, but that's due to my personal preference. I still enjoyed trying out the new treats, just not enough to continue subscribing.

If you're interested or you want to try them out, you can visit their website and learn more about what they offer.