Popsugar Special Edition Summer 2015 Must Have Box Now On Sale!

Popsugar Summer Box Available

The Box: Popsugar Special Edition Summer 2015

The Cost: $100 (one time purchase)

WHAT’S IN THE BOX: Special Edition boxes are indulgent onetime purchases that feature exclusive items and unique collaborations. The Summer 2015 box theme is "Set sail with the season's hottest essentials".

The Popsugar Special Edition Summer 2015 Box is now available!

There's only limited quantities of these boxes so if you plan on purchasing one, get on it before it gets sold out (and it does from past experience). The Special Edition Summer box will ship by June 15.

No spoilers have been released for this box, but I'm sure it will still get sold out fast even still. They just released the Limited Edition CFDA box recently and it didn't get good reviews at all -sadly. I was busy that day so missed out on purchasing one. I guess I lucked out since the products were not for me at all and personally I don't think it represented CFDA very well.

I'm still on the fence on whether or not I should purchase the Summer box, I'm hoping a spoiler will get released before the box gets sold out #WishfulThinking.

*Update: I gave in and purchased. My thought process was, "if they did such a bad job with CFDA, they gotta make up for it with their Summer box to make their subscribers happy and have faith in them again". Makes sense right ;)