OuiPlease Á La Carte and Limited Edition Boxes Availble Now!

OuiPlease Á La Carte

Starting TODAY, Oui Please is offering a new way to shop on their website: OuiPlease // Á La Carte.

OuiPlease Á La Carte

Á La Carte invites you to take box curation into your own hands using the products you already know and love. We created A La Carte to make holiday shopping simple. Whether you’re giving a whole OuiPlease arrangement to a loved one, or spreading the French products around to everyone on the nice list, A La Carte insures that you’ll receive the exact products you want - no surprises. Even better? The products will arrive in a collectable, gift-ready OuiPlease box.

OuiPlease Á La Carte Options

A La Carte has 2 different options:

  • Customers can choose from 1 of our 3 pre-curated, limited edition boxes. These boxes will change in product arrangement several times a year depending on stock, but will always include a selection from each product category.
  • Customers can take box curation into their own hands and make a custom box. We will choose 4 or more products to fill their A La Carte Box, but we leave the distribution of product categories up to them. To guide them in their selection, we pulled together our favorite products in the Boutique de Noel.

OuiPlease Á La Carte

A La Carte is different from our subscription box because customers will pay full price for the products they select without the subscriber discount. However, starting Wednesday the 25th of November, the first 50 people to order OuiPlease // A La Carte will receive 15% off products in their custom holiday box. All you have to do to redeem this exclusive offer is enter coupon code OUINOEL at checkout. OuiPlease // A La Carte ships free of charge within 3-5 business days.

Here are the 3 Limited Edition boxes available:

OuiPlease Duchesse Limited Edition Box
OuiPlease Mademoiselle Limited Edition Box
OuiPlease Reine Limited Edition Box

Not looking for a full arrangement of French products? You can also browse single products in our OuiShop. We have a few top picks for Noel ranging from beauty to epicure. Back by popular demand, we’re excited to announce that the highly coveted 1951 Maison Française clutches are now in the OuiShop! You can choose from a variety of colors and textures, which include both leather and calfskin. Each clutch comes with a long chain so you can wear it over the shoulder or even crossbody. A 1951 clutch is the perfect present or accessory for a holiday ensemble. Click here to purchase or view the clutches on their website.

1951 Maison Francaise ON SALE at Oui Please

NOTE: Unlike their subscription box or OuiPlease // A La Carte, single products do not come in a OuiPlease box and the shipping fee is extra.

Happy shopping ladies!

What's Oui Please?

Oui Please

Subscription: Oui Please

Cost: $150/bimonthly or $650/annually + Free Shipping

What's in the box: Every box has a French regional theme and will feature unique selections of full sized French products based on that theme. This subscription is different in a way where every box is different, so there are multiple versions that subscribers will be receiving with different values. Items will include beauty, jewelry, accessories, apparel, home and epicure.

Coupon: Use coupon code OUIWHATSUP to get 20% off any subscription!

If you haven't subscribed yet, you can subscribe here and right now is a better time than ever since you can use coupon code OUIWHATSUP to get 20% off any subscription. That brings the cost down to $120 (reg. $150) for one box or $520 (reg. $650) for a whole year! That's an amazing deal!