Adore Box June 2015 Review

Subscription: Adore Box

Cost: $15 / month + Free Shipping

What's in the box: Every month you'll receive 4-7 beauty and lifestyle products.

This is my first Adore Box and I subscribed because it had lifestyle products, and I love those type of subscriptions so I just had to try it out.

When I first saw this package on my doorsteps, I was baffled as to where it came from since it had no markings besides the shipment label. And even that doesn't say Adore Box. See below picture of the box.

See what I mean. But after I opened the box, of course the first thing I saw was the info sheet with Adore Box displayed on top. Mystery solved.

First look at unboxing

The info card:

I'm kind of disappointed to see that their info card was printed on a regular paper and folded in half, it gives it a cheap feeling and I'm already thinking to myself "if the info card is cheap, what will the products be?"

And here are the products inside:

Items in detail:

MAC - False Lashes Mascara
Small Sample Tube, Value $2?

This sample is tiny and I actually get these type of mascara samples for free from Sephora or other beauty stores, so it was quite disappointing.

The mascara itself is alright, not my favorite since it really doesn't curl or lengthen my eyelashes as much as other brands do. I probably won't be buying this in full size anytime soon.

Wet N Wild - Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio
Full Size, Value $2.99

I've never owned or tried Wet N Wild products before and I probably won't be using this one either. I know its a drugstore brand and I'm okay with some of them, but Wet N Wild just seems too high school for me so I'm not happy to be getting this in a subscription box. Ugh, another disappointing item, can this get any worse.

Bath & Body Works - Aromatherapy Body Wash
Sample Size, $2?

Okay, I can live with this brand and product, finally something that's acceptable. The scent is refreshing and invigorating, perfect as a body wash and will be great for when I'm traveling next month for my vacation.

Listerine - Zero Mouthwash
Sample Size, Value $1?

What an odd thing to receive in a subscription box that describes itself as a beauty and lifestyle box. Although I can surely use this, I'm not yet quite sure on how I feel about receiving it. Hmmm.

Comedone Extractor with Lance
Value $5.99

I'm using the value they stated since there's no branding or info on where it came from, but the actual item itself feels like it could have come from a 99 cents store. Although I do need one of these to add to my skincare tools, I'm not so sure I'll be using this item per say due to the quality of it. But who knows, I might just give it a try.

Cutler Body Milk
Value $6

Again, I'm using the value they stated since I couldn't find this brand at all. But what I did find is that the company that produces it is called Erwyn and when I looked at their website, it turns out that they're a Hotel Industry’s supplier of guest room and guest bathroom accessories as well as personal guest amenities. That was a shock. So most likely this item is found in a hotel room somewhere, complimentary. Ugh, disappointing again.

Raw Elements - Eco Sunscreen SPF 30
2 packets, Value $.50? each

I'm never happy when I receive sample packets especially when its included as one of the box items, and this one stands true. The product itself seems like a great sunscreen to try out, and I'm sure I will since the ingredients are natural with zinc oxide so that part is great. I just wish it wasn't in sample packets.

Urgent RX - Headache Relief To-Go
1 packet, Value $.50

This is a headache relief product that's in a form of powder and you take it as it is -directly poured into your mouth. I'm not so sure that's convenient versus a pill, I'm imagining powder splattered all over the face if you don't pour it right. Because this product has caffeine in its ingredient, I won't be able to try it out unless its early in the morning cause I have sensitivity with caffeine. I think I prefer my medicine in tablet form for the sake of convenience.

My Thoughts: I hate writing bad reviews but this one was really disappointing, especially since its my first box with them. And frankly, I'm a little confused as to what this subscription is supposed to be. Its got drugstore brands, sample packets and a blemish lancer, so random. Without counting the blemish lancer and eyeshadow, the rest of the items seems like something I would get for free when I check into a hotel, that's not good. I think I'll only be using 3 out of the 8 items so I'm not happy about that, and right now I'm not so sure I want to keep on subscribing. I would probably advise on looking through instagram for future boxes to see if they improve prior to signing up. The total value came up to $21.48 using my estimates on the sample sizes and packets, and although it exceeds the $15 subscription cost, the items were all over the board and low quality that I would put the value much lower than what it is. I hate saying this, but I didn't adore this box and was hoping for more.

My Items

Product Price
MAC Mascara Sample $2?
Wet N Wild Eyeshadow Trio $2.99
Bath & Body Works - Aromatherapy Body Wash Sample $2?
Listerine Mouthwash Sample $1?
Comedone Extractor with Lance $5.99
Cutler Body Milk $6
Raw Elements - Eco Sunscreen SPF 30 packets $1?
Urgent RX - Headache Relief To-Go packet $.50
Subscription Cost $15