Beauty DNA January 2016 Review!

Beauty DNA Subscription Box!

Subscription: Beauty DNA

Cost: $25/monthly + Free Shipping

What's in the box: One FULL SIZED beauty product that's matched to your "Beauty Profile" that you complete upon signing up.

Beauty DNA is a great subscription to try out new skincare or haircare products. Lately my products have been kind of meh though, so I didn't expect much from this month's box, but part of me is hoping for something great.

First look at unboxing

"match: a product able to fit into your beauty profile perfectly"

Second look at unboxing

This month I received a skincare product. (It says Skin Report on the top right)

Beauty DNA is a personalized experience. They send out one full-sized product that's matched with your skin concerns or needs. When you join, there's a "Beauty Profile" (you can see my August review where I explain their Beauty Profile) that you need to complete and this is how they match you with your product. It didn't take me long at all to complete it and I also like the fact that you can access your Beauty Profile anytime and modify it if you ever have any changes in your skincare needs.

Based on my Beauty Profile, here is the item they matched me with this month:

Epicuren Discovery Green Tea & Seaweed Soothing Mask
Full Size 2.5 oz., Value $50

Note: This mask tube came with an inside foil seal.

I'm happy that I received a mask as I know I can always use them. Plus I've never heard of Epicuren Discovery before so I'm excited to try them out.

"This Aloe Vera based mask contains Sea Clay to nourish and purify the skin, while soothing Seaweed and Green Tea work to instantly comfort and diminish visual redness. The Green Tea & Seaweed Soothing Mask is recommended for all skin types, especially for those with sensitive or inflamed skin conditions."

And with every box they send out, they include a Beauty Report about the product and why it was matched for you (me):

I'm not sure if this month's product was a complete match for my skincare needs. Their beauty report says that this was matched because it's designed to treat lack of radiance, but nowhere in the brand's product webpage does it indicate that this mask is good for that. Oh well, I will still try it out and use it. It'll be a good a soothing mask to use for a spa day I guess.

Here's a look at the back of the product:

The ingredients are great as it's paraben-free and sulfate-free. I also love the fact that this is Made in the USA.

My Thoughts: This month's product match although not a complete match, wasn't too bad. I can always use another mask and the value is double the cost of the box which is great. Last month's value was quite low so I'm happy with this month's value for sure. One thing to note about this subscription (and other subscriptions for that matter) is that although you may fill out your beauty profile to the tee in terms of what you're looking for and what you'd like to avoid, they can't always completely deliver that but they try their best. So keep that in mind if you're thinking of subscribing.

Not a subscriber? You can join here to start your subscription for a monthly full-sized product that's personally matched to your skincare needs.