Bespoke Post June 2015 Roast Box Review + Coupon!

Subscription: Bespoke Post

Cost: $45 monthly or $55 for one-time purchases + Free Shipping.

What's in the box: Each box is a limited-edition, themed collection of men's lifestyle gear from up-and-coming brands. It can range from tools, accessories, grooming, fashion and skincare. They have a collection of themed boxes that are available for you to choose, plus new boxes are released every month. You can skip any month if needed (must be done prior to the 5th of that month) and cancellation can be done by emailing them.

Coupon: Use coupon code ALONE to get 25% off your first box!

Because of my husband's addiction love for coffee, he chose the "Roast" box for June. See what other boxes were released this month in my previous post.

First look at unboxing

Second look at unboxing

The items inside were packaged very well, everything came in perfect condition. They were wrapped in bubble wrap, put inside another box or tighter wrap to ensure minimal movement, and finished with a black tissue paper.

The info card detailing the items inside and how to use them.

And here are the items!

Items in detail:

Bespoke Post - Manual Burr Grinder
Value $30

This manual grinder is so cool and easy to use. And yes, there is truth that freshly ground coffee tastes better than pre-ground and since we actually don't have a coffee grinder, this is a great addition to our house! Plus the size is convenient and travel friendly, and the handle on top can be detached so you can pack it easier too.

I tried grinding some coffee beans this morning and although it was easy to use, it did take quite a bit of energy to grind. Using the handle and rotating it clockwise to grin was easy, but holding the actual glass holder with my other hand so it doesn't move or topple over as you grind took more energy than I thought. But the end result was perfectly ground coffee. See picture below.

See how fine the coffee ground is, and this was done manually! #gogreen

Bobble - Presse Stainless Steel Coffee Press in Silver
Value $29.95

What a cool looking coffee press! It'll brew your coffee and you can take it on the go as well, how awesome is that.

Here's just some of the cool features this press has:

  • Makes up to 13 oz. of coffee!
  • 6" tall, 3.375" diameter (approximate)
  • Unique micro-filter separates grounds from finished coffee and traps them at the bottom to stop brewing immediately when pressed.
  • 3 layers of insulation to keep your coffee hot and yet the outside remains cool, plus a silicone heat-resistant lid!
  • It only takes 3 minutes to brew your cofee. Once pressed, just add the lid and your coffee is ready to roll.
  • Easy to clean. No flimsy screen that gets clogged with coffee grounds, no worries about breaking the glass part of your press. Just use soap & warm water, and it's ready to brew the next cup.

Dapper & Wise Roasters Coffee Beans in "Brazil - Fazenda Silvestre"
6 oz., Value $7

This coffee is sweet & nutty with a light acidity and cacao chocolate finish. It has notes of milk chocolate, honey, and citrus. The coffee beans are roasted on a Diedrich 12 kilo drum roaster in a small-batch artisan fashion and my package states that it was roasted in June 2015 so its as fresh as you can get!

Dapper & Wise is based in Portland, Oregon and they have a tasting room as well as a cafe for you to experience their coffee in person.

My Thoughts: This was a great box! My husband needs coffee -everyday, every morning- and not just once, but multiple times throughout the day. So convenience is important but taste as well. This whole set is perfect for that and the items are great in both quality and design. The total value of this box came up to $66.95 which is a great deal for the $45 price I paid as a subsriber. I love Bespoke Post because it exposes us to great brands and tools that we might not have known otherwise and at a discounted price too! That's a win for me.

Not a subscriber or want to get a one-time box? You can subscribe or buy here and start choosing one of their cool and awesome themed boxes! Don't forget to use coupon code ALONE to get 25% off your first box!

My Items

Product Price
Bespoke Post - Manual Coffee Grinder $30
Bobble - Presse Stainless Steel Coffee Press $29.95
Dapper & Wise Roasters Coffee Beans $7
Subscription Cost $45