Build Your Own Birchbox Los Angeles Event Review!

I was so excited when Birchbox announced that they'll be coming to Los Angeles for a Build Your Own Box "BYOB" event, I knew I just had to go! The event was held at The Grove from Friday-Sunday. I decided to go on Friday since most people would probably still be at work that day so there's less crowd compared to the weekend.

For the LA event, Men got free hair trimmings while Women got free manicures!

You also get Free Sprinkles ice cream with any purchase. A perfect freebie for a hot and sunny Los Angeles day! I got Vanilla and it was SOOOOO good.

The event started at 12noon and I got there around 12.30 and there was already a line. It wasn't too long, but it did move pretty slow. Plus the heat that day was extra caliente, we got hot and sweaty in no time!

As we were there, we were told that prices for the boxes today are different since your building your own. It's $15 for Women's and $25 for Men's. So they raised it by $5 per box, no big deal for me and I didn't hear anyone else complaining about it while we were there.

There was absolutely no line for Birchbox Man, so I went to that one first while my girlfriend stood in line for the women's one.

As expected, you get to choose 1 Lifestyle item, 1 Hair product, 1 Grooming product, 1 Fragrance and 1 Skincare.

Here's my Birchbox Man selections:

Although I chose the earphones for my September box already, I decided to get another one this time around since the choices were either these earphones, the Coola packable backpack, or a plain grey shirt. I also have the backpack already, but I think I'd rather have 2 earphones instead especially since the value is the highest amongst all 3 ;)

After building my own Birchbox Man, you go to the cashier area to pay and when I was there they told me that the first 100 people to purchase today will be getting another FREE box! OMG, what a surprise! They didn't announce this at all in their event info, so I was pleasantly surprised.

Since I got the Birchbox Man, they let me choose either the Men's box or Women's box as my free one. I chose the Men's, no brainer there for me =P

Here's my FREE Birchbox Man:

The free boxes were chosen randomly so you didn't know what you get until you open it up. Turns out I got the January 2015 box which included ANOTHER earphone, lol!

Back to my timeline. After purchasing the men's box, I went back in line to join my girlfriend and it wasn't long before we were in front to build our own Birchbox, yay!

Promo on subscriptions today too!

This is where you start to build your own Birchbox

They used the Birchbox x Rifle Paper Co. boxes for you to fill your goodies in, I love them!

And we're off to selecting our 1 Makeup, 1 Skincare, 1 Suncare, 1 Hair product and 1 Fragrance.

Here's my Birchbox Women's selection:

After I finished building this box, off I went to the cashier again. I ended up with the same cashier lady and she remembered that I made a purchase before so she gave me a GWP. Not really sure why, but it really didn't matter, I got another gift! Yay!

Here's my GWP:

Dogeared Wishbone Necklace, Value $30

I think I got the GWP because I bought 2 boxes, but I'm not completely sure. I was just super happy at this point to be getting a beautiful Dogeared necklace!

Besides building your own boxes, there were 2 areas where you can shop for Women or for Men. The Men's shop had a lot of lifestyle items so that was fun to browse.

The Men's Birchbox Shop

Lots of goodies to shop for!

You can also buy their special edition boxes!

The Women's Birchbox Shop

The items offered at the Women's shop were mostly makeup and skincare, and since I had tons of these already I didn't spend too much time there. I did get some products tested on me though by one of their beauty reps, so that was nice.

My Thoughts: This event was amazing! I bought both the Birchbox Man and Woman boxes, got another free Birchbox Man, a free scoop of yummy Sprinkles Vanilla ice cream, a free Dogeared Wishbone necklace plus Birchbox points with my purchases! It was amazing to be able to build my own box, and granted there weren't that many choices to choose from, but I'm just lucky that I live in one of the cities that they visited, so lucky. I would definitely go again if they ever host such an event nearby. And btw, I did hear some whispers from the Birchbox reps that day that they might open up an LA store (second to the one in NYC) and I so hope that's true! How amazing would that be? YES PLEASE!!!

Not a subscriber? You can join here to start your subscription with the September box. Plus get a free gift with your subscription, see details below:

Birchbox August 2015 Items!

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What's Birchbox?

Subscription: Birchbox

Cost: $10 / month (taxes apply to CA)

What's in the box: Every month you'll receive 4-5 beauty samples that's based on a profile you complete. You can adjust this profile at any time through your online account and sometimes you get to choose a Sample Choice as well.


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