Box of Style Fall 2015 Review + $10 Coupon!

by Rachel Zoe
Box of Style Fall 2015 Package

Subscription: Rachel Zoe's "Box of Style"

Cost: $100/quarterly (taxes apply to CA)

What's in the box: Box of Style is a curation by Rachel Zoe that gets sent to you quarterly, it ships 4 times per year — March, July, September & December. With each box, you'll receive over $300 worth of Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle items!

Coupon: Purchase through this link and you'll get $10 off your first box!

Fall has got to be one of my favorite seasons so I was super excited about getting this box!

Box of Style Fall 2015

The box came inside a brown unmarked packaging which I love, it makes it less visible and unnoticed.

Box of Style Fall 2015 First Look
First look at unboxing

Opening this box is like opening a package coming from a high end retailer at Rodeo Drive, so gorgeous.

Box of Style Fall 2015 Second Look
Second look at unboxing

All items were wrapped individually and extra stuffing was included so that movement is kept at a minimum which translates to - everything came in one piece and in perfect condition!

Box of Style Fall 2015 Info Booklet
Info Booklet

The info card comes in a small booklet style with all the items listed and their values plus coupon codes too, yay, more shopping!

Here's the pages from the info booklet:

Box of Style Fall 2015 Info 1
Page 1 & 2

Box of Style Fall 2015 Info 2
Page 3 & 4

Box of Style Fall 2015 Info 3
Page 5 & 6

Box of Style Fall 2015 Info 4
Page 7 & 8

Box of Style Fall 2015 Info 5
Page 9 & 10

I love that they include pictures of some items modeled. Nice touch and oh-so-very helpful.

And without further adieu, here are the items inside my Box of Style Fall 2015 box:

Box of Style Fall 2015 Items

I am going gaga over all these items, gorgeous and so chic, I love it!

Items in detail:

CLUSE LA BOHÈME Rose Gold Black/Grey Watch
CLUSE LA BOHÈME Rose Gold Black/Grey Watch with extra Black straps
Value $132

This was the Hero item of the box. Hero items are the highest valued item that's in the box and is released prior as a spoiler. I love watches and collect them and this watch is absolutely perfect for me. Rose gold with black face screams Fall très chic and I don't have grey watches so this was definitely my hero item of this year!

CLUSE LA BOHÈME Rose Gold Black/Grey Watch

It came with a leather case that has a magnetic snap closure, and on top of that, a double leather wrap for that extra chic look.

CLUSE LA BOHÈME Rose Gold Black/Grey Watch
A closer look at the leather case

Everything about this watch is gorgeous. I also love that they included an extra black strap for this watch. They didn't have to but they did and I totally LOVE them for it! You can buy more colors on their website and they ship free to USA all the way from The Netherlands (you may have to pay duty taxes).

Value $55

I love ear climbers, they're so in right now plus I love the chic and edgy look so this was another great item for me! The rose gold matches the watch and I've been wearing both of them together since I got my hands on them. #perfection

Closer look at the ear climbers

Putting them on was a breeze, but because my ears are somewhat petite and not "thick" enough, I had to adjust it a bit by squeezing the back enclosure tighter towards my ear lobes. They are bendable enough for me to resize it, thankfully.

TOPSHOP Fedora Hat
TOPSHOP Buckle Trim Fedora Hat
Olive Khaki Green Color, Value $48

Another accessory that I love, hats, fedora hats to be exact. They complete any fall outfit and I especially love to wear them with black skinny jeans and leather booties - gorgeous.

Sloane Stationary Notebooks
Sloane Stationery Notebook Set
Value $40

If you asked me last year if I ever use physical notebooks, I'd look at you like "do you live in the stone age?". I mean who uses them? But that was so last year. This year, I can't get enough of them. I use it to jot ideas, plans and just about anything that my mind is wandering about these days. There's a sense of satisfaction you get when you're physically writing with a pen and on a paper, sometimes it's just good to get back to the old ways.

Sloane Stationery Notebooks 2

These notebooks are unlike any notebooks I have. I love the sleek and simple design, I'm already using the red one!

Sloane Stationery Notebooks 3

Inside, the notebooks are lined and ready for you to plan your next accomplishment!

One Love Organics - Gardeneia Tea One Love Organics - Gardeneia Tea
One Love Organics - Gardenia + Tea ANTIOXIDANT BODY SERUM
Value $39

I received one of these in my Popsugar April box earlier this year and I love it. The scent is heavenly (a mix of fresh, sweet and floral), and it really does moisturize your skin. It's an oil consistency with a spray application, and it's recommended to use right after you shower and towel dry. A great moisturizer for Fall and Winter!

The Laundress Fresh Spray
Travel Size 2fl.oz./6ml, Value $8

This is a nontoxic fabric freshener that deodorizes too. The scent is a blend of lily of the valley and jasmine with sweet musk, sandalwood, and a touch of citrus. It smells refreshingly sweet and yet not too over powering or strong. I will surely use this for when I'm travelling, but right now I'm spraying this nightly on my bed before I go to sleep. Sweet dreams indeed.

My Thoughts: Wow, wow and wow. That pretty much sums up my thoughts on this box. Every single item matches my fashion style and needs. Eh-ve-ri-thing to the tee! I think this has got to be the best box ever and this is only the third one they've released so far. Amazing. The value is well over $300 and I only paid $100 for this box. If you're into fashion, well then this subscription is for you and it's gotta be the best one out there in terms of value. I sincerely can't wait for the Winter box!

The FALL 2015 box is sold out, but if you're interested in this box, I totally recommend subscribing now to get your hands on the Winter 2015 box before it gets sold out as well! And if you purchase through this link you'll get $10 OFF your first box, that's a deal!

My Items

Product Price
CLUSE Watch w/ extra strap $132
SHASHI Ear Crawlers $55
TOPSHOP Fedora Hat $48
Sloane Stationery Notebook Set $40
One Love Organics Body Oil $39
The Launderrer Fresh Fabric Spray $8
Subscription Cost $100