Covet Crate -Girl Boss- May 2016 Review!

Covet Crate

Subscription: Covet Crate

Cost: $94.95/bi-monthly for the Lady Boss OR $54.95/bi-monthly for the Girl Boss

What's in the box: Items include things such as: office supplies and accessories, stationery, office decor, style accessories, beauty and skincare items, office snacks, books, discounts (on things such as business/life coaching, classes, etc.), and anything else that may empower, motivate, inspire, and encourage you!

Covet Crate recently changed to become a bi-monthly box as they were sent monthly prior. Their monthly price was $50.94 but since they switched to bi-monthly, the price has increased to $54.95/ every 2 months. This month's box is the last monthly box they sent out and the next shipment in July will start their bi-monhtly schedule.

I've actually only subscribed to them recently as I was patiently observing their curation from month to month, but finally took the plunge a couple months back.

This review is for the "Girl Boss" box.

Covet Crate May 2016 Open Box
First look at unboxing

And another look at unboxing:

Covet Crate May 2016 Open Box

Every box includes an Info Magazine that spotlights a woman/lady figure who is an inspiration to others through their work or achievement. This month they featured Malala Yousafzai.

Covet Crate Info Magazine

Her story of survival and her passion for the right of education for girls in Pakistan has truly touched and inspired many people around the world. I am one of those people and I truly admire her strength, her determination and courage!

The Info Magazine also details the box items inside with a description of not only the items itself, but also the company and/or artist behind it.

Covet Crate Info Magazine

And here are the items:

Covet Crate Girl Boss May 2016 Items

Items in Detail:

Parris Chic Boutique Home Sweet Home Pillow Cover
Parris Chic Boutique Home Sweet Home Pillow Cover
Value $20

I just love it when I get a pillow cover from a subscription box. I'm all about refreshing my home decor now and then, and pillow covers are an easy way to do that. This design will truly go with any style or color, plus it has that classic phrase of "Home Sweet Home" that we all could use in our home.

Parris Chic Boutique Home Sweet Home Pillow Cover

All of their items are handmade from start to finish and the material they use for this pillow cover is a light weight, unbleached Osnaburg fabric which is a faux linen. It comes in an off white, oatmeal color and feature hand lettered calligraphy by owner of PCB, Alyssa Thiel.

Order From Chaos by Liz Davenport
Value $12

Order From Chaos is an organizing book with a "six easy steps" system that will help you clean up your act. From clearing up your desk, to managing your calendar, it guides you and provides a no-fail system for prioritization.

I think it's great that a guidebook to organizing is included. I personally am both excited and scared to start reading this book. I just know that once I start, I'm totally going to go overboard with this organization system.

Covet Crate Watercolor Art Print, Notepad, and Sticky Notes
Value $15?

The print on these are lovely and they all coordinate, I like that. The values I put on the items are my own personal estimation, more on that later, so read on.

The print came in a protected sleeve to ensure it's safe and perfect arrival:

So I actually found this exact print on Etsy by "b+a gallery" which is quite surprising to me since their info magazine states that these come from Covet Crate themselves. The original was handpainted with watercolor but these obviously were printed copies. The digital download of this print costs $7, so I rounded up for the cost of printing to $10 as my personal estimated value.

Here's a picture of the print from b+a gallery:

I can't say I'm too excited about it, but it is lovely and I'm sure I'll display this somewhere in my house.

For the other items, although the notepad and sticky notes will be put to use, I do hate to see such "cheap", no-name, self-produced items in a $50 subscription box. I think it's out of place and not really luxe. I valued these two at $5 total although I could easily buy this at a Michael's or Jo-Ann store for cheaper, but I'm being generous for their sake. Maybe it's just me, but if you're going to include some sticky notes and notepad, why not include something with gold foil or even a Kate Spade one? Now that would have made this perfect.

Poppin Assorted Paperclips
Qty 50, Value $4

These clips are colorful and bright. It will surely keep my documents together in style!

Poppin Bits + Bobs Tray
Value $5

Oooh, an organizing tray to keep your stationary knick knacks in place! I like the color (white) cause that's pretty much the color I choose for just about everything in my office, and I also like that it has three compartments. One of them fits a standard square sticky note which is exactly what I'll be putting. See pic below.

The Covet Crate sticky note fits perfectly and the other two compartments are great for smaller items such as paper clips or push pins etc. A great little organizer tray!

My Thoughts: Since I'm still quite new to Covet Crate, I'm not sure yet if I love it or just like it. It's a good lifestyle subscription that's mostly concentrated on products that can be incorporated into your workspace or home life, and I like that concept, but for the price I'm still not sure if it's totally worth it. The value seems to go over the price paid, but barely so it's a struggle for me to accept that as I'm used to double or triple what you paid for when you purchase subscription boxes. I do like the items this month, but would I have purchased it all for $50? That I'm not so sure. Maybe it's just this month's items that are kind of so-so to me, and I hope that's true, so I'm looking forward to their next box in July to see if it meets more of my expectations of what a $50 box should be. We shall see and stay tuned!

Girl Boss May 2016 Items

Product Price
PCB Pillow Cover $20
Order From Chaos Book $12
Covet Crate Art Print $10?
Covet Crate Notepade and Sticky Notes $5?
Poppin Bits + Bobs Tray $5
Poppin Paperclips $4
Subscription Cost $50.94