Emma & Chloe May 2016 Review + 50% Coupon!

Emma & Chloe Logo

Subscription: Emma & Chloe

Cost: $35/month + Free Shipping. Cheaper options for 3, 6, and 12 month plans.

What’s in the box: Each month you’ll receive an authentic piece of French jewelry valued between $50 and $200 and a magazine with all the French trends delivered every month in your mailbox.

Coupon: Use coupon code WHATSUPBOX50 to get 50% off your first box! That brings the cost down to $17.50!

Emma & Chloe is a French jewelry subscription box that ships 1 jewelry item every month that’s made in France. They initially only shipped to Europe but started shipping to U.S. this year (so happy when that happened!). And since I love everything French, I subscribed in a heartbeat!

When you first subscribe, you’ll be prompted to answer a couple of questions regarding your jewelry preferences.

Emma & Chloe Jewelry Preferences

And as a bonus for being a subscriber, you’ll also receive 20% discount on anything in their online shop!

Emma & Chloe Package

Their boxes ships through DHL and it typically takes about a week to arrive to me (Los Angeles). They’re packaged in white bubble wrap padded envelopes, unmarked so it’s safe from prying eyes.

Emma & Chloe Box

I love love love how they’re boxes are! They feel so luxe and look oh-so chic. It’s also made of thick and sturdy cardboard material so you can totally reuse them!

Emma & Chloe Open Box

The box opens up like a book which is quite unique in the subscription world. I personally like that a lot. It makes it easier to open and close versus boxes that have a lid on them.

First look at unboxing shows their jewelry pouch as well as their info magazine, “La Gazette”.

Here are some pages from the info magazine:

Emma & Chloe Info Magazine

Their Info Magazine is quite thick and full of useful details as you can see in the pics below.

Emma & Chloe Info Magazine

The first page is their Table of Contents and by the material I see so far, this looks like another great magazine to keep!

Emma & Chloe Info Magazine

There’s a section called “Homemade Beauty” and it shows how you can make your own bath salts, mask and even hair product. How useful and amazing is this!

Emma & Chloe Info Magazine

It wouldn’t be a french box if it didn’t dedicate a section towards a beautiful area in France. Porte de l’Arsenal is a boat basin in Paris that links the Canal Saint-Martin to the Seine. It’s a marina with many different types of boats to admire and is a perfect spot to have some wine and cheese or just a lovely stroll around to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. I’ve visited this marina in my last trip to Paris and found it very quaint and lovely. Now I’m dreaming to be there again… #jaimeparis

Emma & Chloe Jewelry Pouch

Emma & Chloe sends their monthly jewelry pieces in these black drawstring pouches. Because what good are your jewelry if it’s not kept properly right? I’m not sure if they’re anti tarnish, but they are super handy for when you need to travel and separate your jewels from scratching each other.

And here is this month's jewelry item:

Emma & Chloe May 2016 Azucar Lapis Cuff Gold

Azucar Lapis Lazuli Cuff Bracelet in Gold, Value $67

Note: This jewel is hand-made in Paris, France by Azucar

I’ve been having a major crush on the color blue lately and find myself wearing different shades of it. Perhaps it’s the summer heat wanting me to cool off with my wardrobe, or my longing for the turquoise blue Caribbean sea, either way, this bracelet will certainly find itself perfectly matching my outfits as of late!

The cuff itself is plated in 16k gold and embellished with a row of ever so gorgeous blue lapis lazuli stones. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this stone, lapis is a deep blue semi-precious stone that is prized for its intense color. When ground into powder, it becomes ultramarine, the finest and most expensive of all blue pigments and used by some of the most important artists of the Renaissance and Baroque for their paintings.

Details of the bracelet in the info magazine:

Emma & Chloe May 2016 Info Magazine

As you can see, the cuff comes in either silver or gold. I received gold because that was my preference of metals.

Here’s a closer look at the lapis stones on the cuff:

Emma & Chloe May 2016 Azucar Lapis Cuff Gold

I love how raw the design is and yet it’s still classy and chic. The blue color is so intense and deep, it looks great in contrast with the gold. I also love that this cuff is adjustable, great news for my super petite hands!

Emma & Chloe May 2016 Azucar Lapis Cuff Gold

The Azucar brand can be seen on the inner side of the cuff towards one of the ends.

Emma & Chloe Azucar Certificate of Authenticity

They also include a “Certificate of Authenticity” with every jewelry item, so you know it’s 100% authentic, gorgeous and precious too!

Here’s a look at the bracelet on me:

Emma & Chloe May 2016 Azucar Lapis Cuff Gold

I wanted the blue to stand out so I wore it with a bright pink summer dress and I loved the look! This gorgeous lapis bracelet has surely honored its presence into my jewelry collection!

Here’s a look at how a model wore it from the info magazine:

Emma & Chloe May 2016 Info Magazine

Emma & Chloe Postcard:

With every box, Emma & Chloe also includes a postcard with the front picture being a model wearing the jewelry item of the month.

Emma & Chloe Postcard Emma & Chloe Postcard

My Thoughts: I LOVE this subscription! It’s fast becoming one of my favorites and definitely a must have for a jewelry addict and French addict like myself! I could never have been exposed to such talented jewelry designers and French brands without it, and the items that they send have always been of quality and worth way more than the $35 cost! I can’t rave enough about it. Emma & Chloe has continuously exceeded my expectations and I find myself longing to see what next month brings! Stay tuned gals!

Interested in subscribing? Visit their website to subscribe and start receiving French jewelry in your mailbox! And don’t forget to use code WHATSUPBOX50 to get 50% off your first box! That brings the cost down to only $17.50 for a gorgeous French Jewelry item!