Emma & Chloe December 2016 Review + Coupon!

Disclosure: This box was sent to me in exchange for an honest review.

Subscription: Emma & Chloe

Cost: $35/month + Free Shipping. Cheaper options for 3, 6, and 12 month plans.

What’s in the box: Each month you’ll receive an authentic piece of French jewelry valued between $50 and $200 and a magazine with all the French trends delivered every month in your mailbox.

Coupon: Use coupon code SECRETSANTA to get additional $5 off your total purchase! They’re having a Holiday Flash Sale of 20% off everything in their online store until Christmas!

Emma & Chloe is a French jewelry subscription box that ships a jewelry item every month that’s made in France. They initially only shipped to Europe but started shipping to U.S. earlier this year.

When you first subscribe, you’ll be prompted to answer a couple of questions regarding your jewelry preferences such as silver or gold, and pin or clip earrings. And as a bonus for being a subscriber, you’ll also receive 20% discount on anything in their online shop!

Emma & Chloe Package

Emma & Chloe ships their jewelry items in this cute and unique box. I’ve been collecting every single one that I own to store the actual jewelry inside and display them like a book on an actual bookcase. It’s such a great display!

Emma & Chloe Open Box

The box opens up like a book and inside you see their jewelry bag as well as their info magazine, “La Gazette”.

The Info Magazine, La Gazette:

Emma & Chloe Info Magazine

Their Info Magazine is quite thick and full of useful details. I always enjoy reading them!

Emma & Chloe Info Magazine

The first page is their Table of Content, and just from that page alone you can tell how much info they pack into this very useful booklet.

Emma & Chloe Info Magazine

There’s a section for fashion, and this month’s tip is very season appropriate! It’s sweater and scarf weather right now, even in Los Angeles, so thanks for the useful info!

Emma & Chloe Info Magazine

You’ll also find a travel section and this time they’ve included tips on visiting the Eiffel Tower. Oh how I dream to be in Paris again…

And here is everything in December's box:

Emma & Chloe December 2016 Items

This month’s jewelry item:

Emma & Chloe December 2016 Item - Concerto No. 1 Side Bracelet in Gold

Concerto N°1 SIDE Bracelet in Gold, Value $92

Subscribers will receive this bracelet in either Silver or Gold, depending on your jewelry preferences. Although I do wear both metals, I chose gold because I wear it more often than silver.

Emma & Chloe December 2016 Item - Concerto No. 1 Side Bracelet in Gold

There’s always a section in the info magazine that describes the jewelry item as well as the value. This bracelet is plated with gold (or deep coated in a silver bath), with a Peru’s pyrite semiprecious stone.

Here’s a closer look at the stone:

Emma & Chloe December 2016 Item - Concerto No. 1 Side Bracelet in Gold

At first I was quite taken aback at the style of the stone, very raw and shiny. It reminds me of a meteor, a very shiny and glittery one at that. I wasn’t really sure if it was my style, but it’s really growing on me, and I can never say no to wearing something unique and different. Guilty!

Here’s how it looks on from a pic in the magazine:

Emma & Chloe December 2016 Item - Concerto No. 1 Side Bracelet in Gold

If only it looks like THAT on me, I’d be happy! Unfortunately my wrists are too petite (aka abnormally small) so it just slips off and I am unable to wear it at all. So sad. But a lucky gal will be getting this as a gift, so lucky her!

The Postcard

Emma & Chloe December 2016 Postcard

Emma & Chloe December 2016 Postcard

In every box they also include a postcard with a model wearing the jewelry of the month as the front picture. I haven’t personally used any to mail to anyone yet, but perhaps one day!

My Thoughts: I’m always in for a treat everytime I open up my Emma & Chloe box, I just don’t know what’s going to be in there. A necklace? Earrings? Or perhaps a bracelet? Such suspense! What I do know and can count on is the high quality of jewelry that they send out with every box and how they’ve expanded my jewelry style every month. And the fact that I won’t see many people wearing the exact same item is a major plus for me! Besides it being made in France of course, since I’m a Francophile (the addiction is real people). So here’s my advice, if you love unique jewelry with high quality, or are obsessed with all things French, definitely try this subscription box out. You’ll be in for a treat!

And right now, Emma & Chloe are having a Holiday Flash Sale of 20% off everything in their online shop, even past boxes! Plus since you guys are awesome, use coupon code SECRETSANTA for an additional $5 off your purchase!!! But hurry, this sale and coupon only lasts until Christmas day. So rejoice procrastinators (or shopaholics), you can still get that perfect gift!