Fabletics May 2015 Review + 50% off Coupon

Sportswear subscription

Fabletics May 2015

Subscription: Fabletics

Cost: Complete outfits start at just $49.95 / month

What’s in the box: Athletic outfits that come in 2 or 3 pieces, you choose your outfits!

Coupon: Subscribe and get your first outfit at 50% off!

Received my first Fabletics outfit today, yay!

I actually appreciate that they ship with an envelope versus a box, it’s easier to dispose and it’s not like I’m in need of any more boxes.

Fabletics May 2015 Perforation And I love that their envelopes are perforated, it makes it easy to open the package.

Fabletics May 2015 River of Grass The outfit I chose was River of Grass, $69.95 (since this is my first outfit, I only paid $35). It’s a 3-piece outfit consisting of the Lima Capri in Camo (sold out now!), Aventura Tank in Black and Juneau Bra.

Fabletics May 2015 Free Gift What a surprise! I didn’t know that they give gifts with your shipment. I’m sure it’s sporadic and I won’t expect to receive it every month, but I sure love surprises and this was a nice and appropriate gift for the type of subscription, thank you Fabletics!

Fabletics May 2015 Package3 All the items came individually packed.

Fabletics May 2015 Pants I love the Camo pattern, I think it’s both fitting and slimming for everyone! I chose the pants in XXS since my waist is 25 and my hips are 34, and going by their size guide I’m an XXS. They fit me, but somewhat tight and snug around the waist. I think I’ll probably size up to an XS next time just to be more comfy. Sizing aside, the pants are comfortable (I’m wearing them as I write this review) and very comparable to Lululemon –I’m also a Lululemon addict lover, hence the comparison. The waistband is slimming, the coverage is great (can’t see those undies) and no camel toes upfront. There is a small pocket on the front right side to store your locker key if needed.

Fabletics May 2015 Bra I wish the straps on the bra were black instead of white. I can never keep anything white. Upon trying them on, I feel that it provides both comfort and support, and it also comes with removable bra cups. The size was pretty spot on, I ordered an XS for my 32C. I do wish that their tags can be removed easily though, like with Lululemon. The tags that came on this bra was super long so I had to cut them off, which always leaves some tags still intact.

Fabletics May 2015 Top The River of Grass outfit comes with a black top, but you can change the color and since I have so many black tops already, I opted for the Cucumber color –a light mint green color. The fit is relaxed and although I ordered an XS, it fits more like a Small. After wearing it all day today, I actually like the fit. It makes your sports bra peek out from the side, which is a type of look that I like sometimes. If you want the tank to be more fitted, I’d recommend sizing down.

My Thoughts: I’m quite impressed with the quality of Fabletics and I’m definitely keeping this subscription. Since this is my first outfit, I only paid $35, but I would gladly have paid the $69.95 price for the amount of items I got. And if I ever feel overwhelmed with outfits or just can’t find anything I like, I can skip that month through my online account before the 5th of the month, easy!