Five Four Club December 2015 Review + 50% Coupon!

Five Four Club!

Subscription: Five Four Club

Cost: $60/monthly + Free Shipping (taxes apply to CA)

What you get: Five Four Club is a monthly men’s clothing subscription. Each month you'll receive an apparel package (2-3 items) valued at $120 or more that's selected according to your style profile and preferences.

Coupon: Get your first package for $30 through this link. That's 50% off for 2-3 clothing items, how awesome is that!

Five Four Club is a great subscription for men who don't have time to shop or need the extra fashion help to bump up their style. I find their products to be of high quality and their style on trend. My husband loves them!

Five Four Club December 2015

First look at unpacking

When you subscribe, you'll take a profile survey to input your size and style preferences. My husband selected "Classic" as his style with a preference in vibrant rich colors. There are 4 options in style; Classic, Casual, Fashion Forward or a Mix of all.

Based on my husband's "Classic" profile, here is what they sent:

Five Four Club December 2015 Items

Items in detail:

Five Four Club Meade Henley
Meade Henley in Heather Wine color

This sweater is made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester. It's a great light sweater for layering and the color is perfect for winter and the holidays. My husband loves it!

Five Four Club Meade Henley

A closer look at the bottom left side shows the Five Four Club branding.

Five Four Club Darkson Jeans
Darkson Slim Fit Jeans in Blue

My favorite items to receive from Five Four Club are jackets and the next best thing are pants. So when I saw a pair of jeans in this month's shipment I was excited. This is the first jeans my husband has received from them and they're pretty great.

The material is made of 81.6% cotton, 16.9% polyester, and 1.5% spandex. It's your typical jean thickness but is not stiff and has stretchability. My husband only wears jeans that has some stretch in them so this was a good match.

Five Four Club Darkson Jeans
Back of the jeans

The pockets in the back are somewhat different as they have some stitching across the bottom. It's only for visual effects though as the pocket itself still has the depth going all the way to the bottom stitching.

Five Four Club Darkson Jeans
Five Four Club branding on the back of the jeans

Five Four Club Darkson Jeans
Close up view of the front pocket

Five Four Club Darkson Jeans
Info about the jeans

These jeans will surely be used, both for casual and business casual (they're dark enough for that). It's a great basic jeans to have in your wardrobe.

And here's a look at the items on my husband:

Five Four Club December 2015 Items
Front side

Five Four Club December 2015 Items
Back side

My Thoughts: Another great month from Five Four Club! Typically my husband has a "Fashion Forward" style on his profile, but for this month he decided to switch it up to "Classic" for those holiday family events that we'll be attending this month. The items that were sent surely matched this style and are a great addition to his wardrobe.

If you haven't subscribed yet, you can get your first package for only $30 through this link, that's an amazing deal!