Five Four Club x Mark McNairy July 2015 Review + 50% Coupon!

Subscription: Five Four Club

Cost: $60/monthly + Free Shipping (taxes apply to CA)

What do you get: Five Four Club is a monthly men’s clothing subscription. Each month you'll receive an apparel package (2-3 items) valued at $120 or more that's selected according to your style profile and preferences.

Coupon: Click here to get $30 off your first package, that's 50% off!

Five Four Club is a great subscription for men who don't have time to shop or need the extra fashion help to bump up their wardrobe. I find their products to be of high quality and their style on trend.

When you subscribe, you'll take a profile survey to input your size and style preferences. My husband is in the "Fashion Forward" category with a preference in vibrant rich colors and pants that are slim fit.

Based on my husband's "Fashion Forward" profile, here is what they sent:

Five Four Club x Mark McNairy July 2015 Items

Items in detail:

Columbus Shirt in Blue
Value $65

This shirt is pretty cool, I love the whole combination of pattern and colors. The blue is quite vibrant, different than any other blue shirts my husband owns, so this is a great addition.

Look at those duckies, how awesome is that. I love it when classic gets mixed with a modern twist, it's my favorite combo.

Mark McNairy's collaboration branding on the pocket

I found it interesting that there's two buttons to close the collar. This shirt is getting more unique as I look closer, love it.

Bayard Shorts in Khaki
Value $60

As you can see, there's a clip (like one of those you'd find on a backpack) to close the pants, another unique piece of clothing.

The back view of the shorts

OMG, the inside of the shorts have the same duckies! I'm speechless. Of course when I showed my husband about my discovery he just looked at me like "what's the big deal?" sigh, men.

At first I thought the only way to close the shorts was with the clip, but as you can see there's a button under it too, so it's super secure. My husband is not yet completely sold on the clip part, and frankly I'm a bit worried on how the clip will last through the washing machine. We'll have to see to find out.

Darren Socks in Blue
Value $12

My husband loves it when he gets socks in a subscription (he can never have too many socks) so this was a nice surprise especially since Five Four Club has never sent socks to us before. The design is simple yet cool and since it's a no-show type of socks, it can be used with pretty much any outfit. The only issue I have is the branding on the socks, the one that says "Five Four x Mark McNairy". It looks as if it was put on the socks using a stick-on type of material and it seems to already be coming off. See picture above and pay attention to the letter "V". I'm okay if it all comes off, but I just thought I would point that out.

The back of the socks

Here's another look at all the items Five Four Club sent this month:

Five Four Club x Mark McNairy July 2015

My Thoughts: I love the collaboration they did with Mark McNairy and I'm so happy that Five Four Club heard my silent whispers of sending us shorts, yay! My husband is not quite sold on the shorts yet mainly because of the clip, but he loves the shirt and the socks. The total value came up to $137. I paid $60 (+tax) and for a pair of shorts, shirts and socks, I think that's a pretty good deal. Especially since it's from a Five Four x Mark McNairy collaboration, so exclusive and unique. And because of that, I decided to add another subscription so we can get more items from this collection =P Here's to more collaborations, they're so fun!

If you haven't subscribed yet, you can click here to join and through that link you'll be getting $30 off your first package, that's 50% off!

My Items

Name Price
Columbus Shirt $65
Bayard Shorts $60
Darren Socks $12
Subscription Cost $60