Five Four Club July 2015 Review + Coupon!

Subscription: Five Four Club

Cost: $60/monthly + Free Shipping

What do you get: Five Four Club is a monthly men’s clothing subscription. Each month you'll receive an apparel package (2-3 items) valued at $120 or more that's selected according to your style profile and preferences.

Coupon: Use coupon code OW15OFF and get $15 off your first package!

Five Four Club is a great subscription for men who don't have time to shop or need the extra help in their wardrobe. I find their products to be high quality and their style on point.

When you subscribe, you'll take a profile survey to input your size and style preferences. My husband is in the "Fashion Forward" category with a preference in vibrant and rich colors, and pants that are slim fit.

Quick note: So our original July package had an item with a manufacturer flaw on it (some sewing was off), but a quick and simple email to their customer service easily resolved that problem. It did take a couple of days for them to reply though, but they did notify me that it could take as much as 2-3 business days for a response during high volume times. Once they replied, they told me that they'll be sending a replacement and I don't have to return the previous flawed item, so that was easy. If you ever have any issues, don't be afraid to contact them and make sure to send pictures too.

Based on my husband's "Fashion Forward" profile, here is what they sent:

Items in detail:

Garner Shirt in Red
Retail Value $55

This shirt was part of the original package that came with a matching jacket that had the flaw. I'm so glad this one is nothing but perfect and the short sleeves will be great for summer. The patterns and colors work well, plus the hidden buttons added a nice touch. This will be great by itself or under a cool summer jacket.

The camouflage inside gave this piece a unique touch.

Serrano Shirt in Blue
Retail Value $60

A good classy long sleeve shirt is essential for any wardrobe and this one was a hit as well with my husband. I do feel like this shirt is more classy than fashion forward, but maybe that's just me.

The inside of this shirt matches the classy outside pattern.

Hamilton T-Shirt in White
Retail Value $35

This is our first T-Shirt from them and the quality feels great, soft and 100% cotton. I like how it's not just a plain t-shirt with some graphics on it, my husband has too many of those!. The zippered pocket with red lining made this different and fashion forward in my opinion.

Pocket in detail.

My Thoughts: I'm happy that their customer service is exemplary based on my personal experience, and that we received 3 items this month! I really liked the items they sent last month too (you can read my June 2015 review here), so 2 good months in a row makes me a happy subscriber. I'd love to see more colors for summer and maybe some shorts or a summer jacket for my next shipments. I'm finding myself excited for my husband every month to see what he gets, how strange is that =) For the $60 subscription cost, these three items are totally worth it and their values add up to $150 which is higher than last month. I totally recommend this subscription if you're a guy looking to upgrade your wardrobe or just don't have time to shop.

If you're not a subscriber, you can join here and don't forget to use coupon code OW15OFF to get $15 off your first package!

My Items

Name Price
Garner Shirt $55
Hamilton T-Shirt $35
Serrano Shirt $60
Subscription Cost $60