Hello! Bliss Box June 2015 Review + Coupon!

Subscription: Hello! Bliss Box

Cost: $28.95 /month + Free Shipping

Products: You'll receive 3-5 items that's a mix of fashion, food, beauty, skincare, crafting, home decor, jewelry or just products that make you feel good and celebrate both moms & women.

Coupon: Use coupon code MAILBOX5 to get $5 off your first box!

Bright yellow is their signature color as you can see, and an info card is included listing the brands they've partnered with for this box.

And here are the items!

The products:

Perfectly Posh - Lipsophistication in Make-Out Magic
Full Size .08 oz, Retail Value $4

Subscribers received different variations of this lip balm and I got the Make-Out Magic (love the name!) which is a Sugared Grapefruit lip balm. Its made with a blend of shea butter and beeswax, grapefruit vanilla, and is free of parabens and lanolin.

The scent is sweet, almost like a vanilla cake so not much of the grapefruit scent there. But man, this balm is so soft when you put it on, I mean it just literally melts on your lips as you apply it, incredible! I also felt my lips moisturized almost immediately and the size is petite and long which is perfect for those luxe little purses. Great item!

Perfectly Posh - Soap Chunk in Mint For Each Other
Sample Size 1 oz, Retail Value $1.29

This smells fresh and the size is great for travelling. Its made with shea butter, peppermint and rosemary leaves. The leaves are in small little pieces and is good for gentle exfoliation.

Perfectly Posh - Body Scrub in We Put De Lime In De Coconut
Sample Size, $?

This sample is tiny so it'll be hard to actually see any results from it, but I appreciate the addition. I'm definitely noticing a trend with their product names, and there's more on their website that just made me laugh!

The scent reminds me of a sweet margarita, so very tropical and great for summer.

I’ve actually never heard of Perfectly Posh before and if you haven’t also, they’re a beauty company that belives in natural ingredients and sells their products directly or through beauty consultants. So almost like the Avon selling model.

Primal Elements - Bar soap in Facets of the Sea
6 oz. bar, Retail Value $9

Everyone got the same scent for this item. Now this soap is big and not only smells like a spa, it's also beautiful and a work of art (handmade too!).

This soap is made with 26% vegetable glycerin which makes your skin soft and velvety smooth. It also lathers pretty good for a natural soap bar.

Styled Simplicity - Blue Green Druzy Earrings
1 pair, Retail Value $9

I might be the minority here, but I actually didn't know what druzy means so I had to look it up.

Druzy is the glittering effect of tiny crystals over top a colorful mineral. One of the perks to druzy stones is that they are not as expensive as big faceted gemstones and they have sparkle and great color and it can be cut into various shapes with ease. The druzy quartz gems grow slowly over millions of years and are found as the very last layer of growth on agate or another colorful base. Druzy is any kind of mineral found in a plate-like form, such as garnets, calcite, dolomite and malachite. While they look sparkly and delicate, druzy quartz is a fairly durable gem.

These earrings initially didn't wow me when I first saw it, but then I tried it on and wow, it's actually beautiful! This will go great for Fourth of July!

Dotted J - Elastic Headbands
3 elastic headbands, Retail Value $5?

Since the headbands are not sold in her shop (maybe its exclusive to Hello! Bliss Box or maybe not sold in the shop yet), I based the price on the elastic hair ties that they sell. Although it's more in quantity (5 versus 3), hair ties require less fabric so it should amount to the same in the end.

Everyone got the same patterns for this item. These headbands are comfortable and fit me very well! I just tried on the red with gold stars one and paired that with the blue druzy earrings and bam! what a combo. It'll look great with an all white attire to complete the red, white and blue =)

Qi'a Superfood Snack Bar - Dark Chocolate Cranberry Almond
1 bar 1.3 oz. (38 g), Retail Value $1.79

I like energy bars that are healthy and good, and this one doesn't disappoint. Its organic, vegan, gluten-free and made with ingredients that you can say (that's important!).

USA Stick Flag with Spear Tip
1 4in x 6in flag stick, Retail Value $.22?

I found a flag exactly like this when doing a search and based the price on that. I appreciate the inclusion of the flag as the theme for the box is Fourth of July, so it wouldn't be complete without it. The quality is pretty good too, not those cheap ones you get for free.

Inspirational Quote by Just Say it!
Retail Value $5?

There's no additional information about this item besides who it's made by. Prices are not included and no website either (plus I did a quick search and found nothing), so I'm basing the price on the value of other quote prints out there.

The quote is inspirational, the paper is thick card stock and the small star icon made it tie in with the rest of the items for the theme.

My Thoughts: This is my first box from Hello! Bliss Box and although the Fourth of July theme is not my favorite, I appreciate their efforts and thought they did a good job. A few of their items came from Etsy so I like the fact that they support smaller businesses and the quality is there too. The total value came up to $35.30 but keep in mind that some of the items I had to estimate due to limited information. If you're looking for value versus cost, this might not be for you, but I found new products in this box that I wouldn't have known otherwise, so I'm happy with that. And isn't finding new products what subscription boxes is all about!