Ipsy July 2016 Glam Bag Review!

Ipsy July 2016 Package

Subscription: Ipsy

Cost: $10/month + Free Shipping.

What you’ll get: You’ll receive 4-5 mix of full-sized and deluxe-sized beauty products tailored to you in a collectible bag. You complete a beauty profile upon joining and the products you’ll receive will be matched based on that. You can update this profile any time and you’ll also be able to review the products you receive for points which you can redeem towards a selection of beauty items.

Ipsy always ships their glam bags in bright neon pink padded envelopes, it’s hard to miss it and I always get happy when I see it in my mailbox!

Ipsy is very similar to Birchbox where all subscribers receive different variations in their bag, and is mostly dependent on the answers you give in the Ipsy beauty quiz. They try to give you products that match your needs and concerns so not everyone will get the same items. And you can retake the beauty quiz at anytime if you feel that the products didn’t really match you.

This review is for my profile so it’s just one of the many variations that they sent out.

Ipsy July 2016 Info Card

Every package includes an info postcard with the theme of the month. This month’s theme is “Hot Summer Nights”.

Ipsy July 2016 Info Card

The back side of the card has a few announcements of changes to their website.

Ipsy July 2016 Glam Bag

Ipsy July 2016 Glam Bag

Every month Ipsy sends their items in makeup bags with an exclusive design. This month’s design has a holographic material and a pattern of beach umbrellas all over. The print is only on the front side though, the back side has the same material but with no prints.

And here are my Ipsy July 2016 items:

Ipsy July 2016 Items

Items in Detail:

J. Cat Beauty Duo Brow Pencil

J. Cat Beauty Duo Brow Pencil in Dark Brown
Full Size .25 g., Value $3.99

My brows have to be on point everyday. I’m not really blessed with thick and perfect brows, so a little help is needed and brows definitely shape your face. Although I’m not too excited about the brand, it’s more of a drugstore brand, I do like brow pencils especially one that’s mechanical and includes a built-in brush, so this will be used and is still appreciated.

Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish in No Filter

Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish in No Filter
Full Size 17 ml., Value $15

Yay, I totally love Trust Fund Beauty and I’m SO happy I got this! When I saw a few spoilers earlier, I secretly wanted it but didn’t want to get my hopes up too high in case I may get disappointed. But now I just feel super lucky!

The color “No Filter” is a deep neutral with greyish-purple undertones. I would say it’s neutral with a light salmon color and I love it!

Mellow Cosmetics Baked Eyeshadow in Coco

Mellow Cosmetics Baked Eyeshadow in Coco
Full Size 4.8g, Value $8

Note: Subscribers will receive this eyeshadow in Coco or Plum.

The color Coco is a metallic milk chocolate shade. I’m glad I received this color versus the Plum color as I use mostly shades of brown for my everyday neutral eyes look.

This eyeshadow is highly pigmented and has a silky smooth powder texture that’s shimmery. It almost reminds me of Laura Mercier’s Baked Eye Colour, even the packaging is similar. I can definitely see myself using this often.

Eva NYC Get Glossed Hair Serum

Eva NYC Get Glossed Hair Serum Deluxe Sample Size 10 ml., Value $3.60

This hair serum is lightweight and will add shine, tame frizz and protect your hair from heat styling. I will certainly use this and hope it does all that.

Make Up Forever Excessive Lash Mascara

Make Up Forever Excessive Lash Mascara
Sample Size 2.5 ml., Value $7.35

I’m always up for trying new mascaras, especially one from Make Up Forever! This mascara promises high volume, and the color intensity is buildable to achieve that bold lash look. I can’t wait to try it!

My Thoughts: So if you’ve read my Ipsy review from last month, you’d know that I was quite disappointed which prompted me to update my style profile to see if that would help. Well guess what, it did! I finally received items that I will use and am happy to use! The Trust Fund Beauty nail polish definitely made this bag great, but the other items certainly made it better. I received 3 full-sized items, out of 5 that they sent, and the total value came up to $37.94 which is more than triple the cost. I’m super happy with that as well! This month’s bag definitely redeemed Ipsy from my disappointment last month and I am now excited again to see what next month brings!

If you’re interested in subscribing, you can go to www.ipsy.com to join and start receiving your own monthly glam bags!

My Ipsy Glam Bag Items

Product Price
J. Cat Beauty Brow Pencil $3.99
Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish $15
Mellow Cosmetics Eyeshadow $8
Eva NYC Hair Serum $3.60
Make Up Forever Mascara $7.35
Subscription Cost $10