Little Lace Box & Serendipity August 2015 Review + Coupon!

Subscription: Little Lace Box

Cost: $59.99/bi-monthly + Free Shipping

What's in the box: Little Lace Box is a subscription lifestyle box for women who know they're worth it. Each box will be filled with high quality items from unique or designer brands that range from beauty, jewelry, accessories, home products and more!

Coupon: Use coupon code REDLACE for $10 off your subscription!

This month Little Lace Box and Serendipity (by LLB) were sent together in a combined box due to some delays in production. I don't think subscribers were informed about this delay, I sure wasn't and only found out when they sent the notification that the box was sent, which was a few days before the box actually arrived. I don't mind the delay at all, but I think it would have been nice to let subscribers know and keep us in the loop.

This month's box didn't have the typical LLB sticker on it, it was unmarked and I only knew it was from LLB because they're the only ones that send out these bright red boxes. I wonder why no sticker though?

First look at unboxing

Second look at unboxing

Personal Letter from LLB and info on the items inside the box:

Front Page

Back page

And here are the items for this month’s LLB & Serendipity:

It doesn't seem like there's a lot of items for 2 subs, or maybe it's just me.

Items in detail:

Elizabeth & Mr. Darcy Flower Vase by Mary Rose Young
Value $124

I decided to start off with the most expensive item in the box. It's a handmade vase from England that was designed exclusively for LLB's "Elizabeth & Mr. Darcy" theme.

A little note from the artist who created the vase explaining her design. The two white roses etched on the vase represents Elizabeth and Darcy.

Although I do appreciate receiving a vase, I think I would have preferred a bigger less expensive vase that didn't take up the value of the whole box. But that's just my own personal opinion.

Closer look at the vase:

I like how the white rose pops out of the vase.

The stamp at the bottom noting that it's "Handmade in England".

Don't get me wrong, the vase is beautiful, but the color or style doesn't match my decor so I'm still not sure if I'll keep it or gift it.

DefineMe Fragrance in Harper
Full Size 9ml/.3fl oz., Value $36

Receiving fragrance in my subscription boxes isn't my favorite, but the bottle is so pretty and the scent is quite sultry and exotic. Although it's a rollerball application (I prefer spray), I think it's a better type of application since this is a perfume oil.

The scent is slightly sweet with notes of grapefruit, bergamot, honeysuckle and amber. I'm more of a fresh, floral kind of girl so it's not a perfect match but I'll definitely keep it for those special occasions where I feel extra bold.

Little Lace Box - My Shea-Rona Shea Butter in Coconut Mango Mimosa
Full Size 8 oz., Value $19.99

I loved the sugar scrub they sent out in the last box and I did send out a request to have it made in a lotion as well, so I'm glad they listen to their subscribers and actually made them. I got a different scent this time though, and it smells great.

This lotion has 30% shea butter, so it's uber rich in moisturization and will most likely be used in the winter for me. $40 Voucher
Value $40

I've heard of this company before and had it in my list to try them out for some flower arrangements, but just never got around to it, so I'm happy I get to now. The flowers are freshly cut upon order and sourced from eco-friendly farms. With that fact combined with their reasonable pricing, free shipping and great floral arrangements, this just might be my new go-to for floral arrangements. I can't wait to use this gift card!

Serendipity Items:

Serendipity Info Sheet

Steep & Go by The Tea Spot in Purple
Value $5.95

I love tea, mostly hot but during the summer I'll drink them cold. These are great for making cold teas in a jiffy and without the hassle too. You just put loose tea into a water bottle, fill it up with cold water, insert the Steep & Go, shake the bottle to let the tea steep, wait a few minutes and voila, cold brewed tea! This will definitely be put into good use!

Chill Out, Organic Loose Leaf Tea (caffeine free)
1 sachet, Value $1.29

Caffeine free, yes! I'm super sensitive to caffeine so this was totally appreciated since most of the time they include caffeinated ones. I can't wait to try this tea out in my Steep & Go! I love how LLB always includes items that can be used together in the box.

Mindful Minerals - Dead Sea Mud Bar
Travel Sized soap bar 35g., Value $4

"This rich lathering soap made with Dead Sea Mud and pure Eucalyptus essential oil is great for cleansing and detoxifying the skin. This soap has a slight texture from the mud that helps exfoliate and remove dead skin cells while deep cleaning the skin. All natural vegetable oil soaps are made with 100% natural scents and infused with the minerals from the Dead Sea." Great for Eczema, Psoriasis or Acne!

I can't wait to try this soap, it sounds like something that my skin can totally make use of. It's also 100% natural with no parabens, phthalates, or SLS, yay!

Malibu C - Miracle Repair Hair Reconstructor
1 sachet 0.5 ounce, Value $3

My hair has been feeling quite dry lately. I haven't colored it in awhile but I think my frequent swimming in the ocean/pool plus the summer sun has done a number on it. This hair reconstructor promises to restore and strengthen your hair again with the added bonus of shine and volume. It's 100% vegan made with plant proteins and enriched with Pro Vitamin B5 for extra moisture. My hair needs this ASAP! Thank You Notes</a>
4 Cards, Value $5

I can never have enough Thank You cards, it's a necessity in my house since I need this ever so frequently. I love the laser cut "Thanks" on it and the bright colors it came in.

The back of the card markings on the back of the card

I wished it didn't have the on the back though, now I'm just marketing them everytime I send these to people, sigh. But they're still useful and pretty, so can't complain too much about these.

And to wrap things up, here's the theme for October's Little Lace Box:

Whenever the word Fashion gets quoted, I'm interested and hooked, so needless to say I'm so excited for the next box!

My Thoughts: I hate to say this but sadly this month was a miss for me. The Little Lace Box, although the value is quite high, most of it went to the vase which is an item that I didn't really love. I did love the Serendipity items though and that was a hit for me. I'll use everything from Serendipity but for LLB, I think the only items I'll be using is the Bouqs voucher and lotion (maybe the perfume too). Everything else will most likely be gifted or traded. I still love LLB, no love lost there, it's just that this month's theme and items were not my cup of tea. Looking at the theme for October's box which is "Authentic Autumn - Be your authentic self" sounds promising, especially since fashion was quoted and that always gets my attention. Looking forward to receiving that box and hopefully September's Serendipity won't get delayed again.

You can subscribe here to start receiving their next box which will be in October, and don't forget to use coupon code REDLACE to get $10 off your subscription!


Product Price
Elizabeth & Mr. Darcy Vase $124
DefineMe Perfume $36
Little Lace Box - My Shea-Rona Shea Butter $19.99 Voucher $40
Subscription Cost $59.99


Product Price
Steep & Go Tea Steeper $5.95
Chill Out Tea $1.29
Mindful Minerals Dead Sea Soap $4
Malibu C Hair Constructor $3 Thank You Notes $5
Subscription Cost $9.99