Little Lace Box February 2016 Review + Coupon!

Little Lace Box Package

Subscription: Little Lace Box

Cost: $59.99/bi-monthly + Free Shipping

What's in the box: Little Lace Box is a subscription lifestyle box for women who know they're worth it. Each box will be filled with high quality items from unique or designer brands that range from beauty, jewelry, accessories, home products and more!

Coupon: Get $10 off a 6 or 12-month subscription through this link!

Little Lace Box (LLB) ships through USPS Priority Mail 2-day and they always email you the tracking number as soon as your box is shipped. I find it very helpful when I'm notified when my box is on its way to me!

Little Lace Box Package

Once you open the package you can see the actual Little Lace Box!

Little Lace Box

Lately LLB has been sending items that don't really fit inside their subscription box and this month it's a canvas tote! More on that later.

Little Lace Box
First look at unboxing

You immediately see their info pamphlet:

Little Lace Box Info Pamphlet
A note from LLB on the theme this month

Little Lace Box Info Pamphlet
Details inside the pamphlet

Little Lace Box
Second look at unboxing

And here are all the items for LLB February 2016:

Little Lace Box February 2016 Items

I'm loving the "Love" theme this month, this may just be my favorite box from them yet!

Items in detail:

Vine Street Market USA "I Love Hearts" Canvas Tote
Value $36

This canvas tote is huge! The heart print is so cute and I love the canvas material too, it feels sturdy and strong. Plus you can fold up the tote into its pocket, which is what the picture above shows.

Vine Street Market USA is an eco-friendly bag company based in Los Angeles and all their totes are made from re-purposed and organic materials right here in the U.S.

Here's a picture of the canvas tote unfolded from their website:

From now until Feb 14th, if you purchase a canvas tote on their website, you'll get a FREE pink hearts tote in your order, no coupon needed. That's essentially 2 totes for the price of 1! I am totally taking advantage of that!

Yedi Houseware Porcelain Inside Out Heart Tea Cup & Saucer
Value $8.99

This is such a cute and unique tea cup! The inside is actually shaped in a heart and you'll see it more clearly when it's filled. See picture below.

Isn't it just adorbs! This will be great for having some afternoon tea with my gals. I need a whole set stat!

A matching heart shaped saucer tops this off to be one of the cutest tea cup set I've ever owned. Perfect for Valentine's!

Here's a look at the tea cup on my hands:

I love the gold on the handle and rim, it gives it a touch of glam without being too much. Aaah, can't get enough of how cute this is!

Deny Designs 16" Throw Pillow
Value $39.99

This is amazing. Not only do you get a 16" throw pillow, but you get to choose the one you want and shipping is included as well! Amazing.

There are over 9000 designs to choose from and I can't wait to browse through most of it (don't think I can look at even 1000 designs) and have one picked out so when LLB emails the code, I'll be ready with my choice. This is exciting!

Letters To My Love by Lea Redmond
Value $14.95

So this is a booklet that's filled with notes that fold up into an envelope for you to send to your loved ones.

Here's how they instruct you to use this booklet:

So the steps are, you fold out the envelope to reveal a letter page, write down your special message, fold up the envelope and seal it with the included stickers. You then write the date you wrote the letter and the date when the recipient should open it. It's different and quite a unique way to write love letters. I can't wait to try this out with my husband.

This is where you write the dates, on the backside of the envelope.

And here are the included stickers (you'll find it at the very last page of this booklet) to seal the envelopes.

Some of them can be sent to your bestfriend instead of your significant other such as below:

It's addressed to "you" instead of "love of my life" or "my love", so you can definitely use this for your girlfriends too.

Ever Mine Red Metallic Executive Pen
Value $8.99

A shiny red executive pen to write down the love letters, how appropriate! It's also inscribed with "Ever Mine" in honor of this month's theme which LLB says was chosen as "a reminder to listen to my heart and be true to my dreams, my goals, my family, my loves and myself".

Wild Ophelia Peanut Butter Cups
Value $2.99

I love the combination of peanut butter and chocolate, but this steps it up a notch by adding caramelized bananas which I also love. This was so yummy, there were 6 small cups in the package and I had to stop myself at 3. It was hard but I did it. I waited an hour to finish the rest of them lol.

Wild Ophelia's owner Katrina Markoff has a personal mission to inspire, empower, and help activate a movement of American female entrepreneurs. So to honor its commitment, they will donate a percentage of its profits to organizations that fund such women.

My Thoughts: This box was awesome and such a great curation. It featured so many new brands and products that I've never heard of, this is truly why I subscribe to Little Lace Box and why they set themself apart from other subscription boxes. I can tell a lot of thought was put into curating this box and boy was it spot on in representing their theme. I haven't reviewed their boxes lately only because it's been less than stellar, but this month's box has put LLB back in the spotlight and into my top favorites list again!

Their next box will ship in April and it will have a Broadway and New York theme:

Not a subscriber? You can subscribe through this link for $10 off a 6 or 12-month subscription and start receiving their unique lifestyle boxes!


Product Price
Vine Street Market USA Canvas Tote $36
Yedi Houseware Heart Tea Cup & Saucer $8.99
Deny Designs Throw Pillow $39.99
Letters To My Love by Lea Redmond $14.95
Red Metallic Executive Pen $8.99
Wild Ophelia Peanut Butter Cups $2.99
Subscription Cost $59.99