Luxor Box May 2015 Review!

Their very first box

Luxor Box May 2015 Box I was so excited to finally receive the very first ever Luxor Box!

Subscription: Luxor Box

Cost: $125 every-other-month for US deliveries, and $155 every-other-month for Canada deliveries.

*Boxes are sold out and membership is now on waiting list only. If you you want to join their waiting list, click here and fill out their form. They'll notify you by email once a membership is available. Per Luxor Box, the wait can be anywhere from one month to well over a year.

What’s in the box: Items range from high-end spa products, top-shelf beauty products, jewelry, apparel, home accessories and unique treasures from around the world. All deliveries will always have a $250+ value!</b>

Luxor Box May 2015 Packaging Boxes are shipped with USPS Priority Mail-2 day and tagged fragile, so you’ll receive your items fast and in one piece.

Luxor Box May 2015 Packaging Open
Luxor Box May 2015 Outside Box I love the tifanny blue color of the box, it already screams luxury to me. And they definitely paid attention to the packaging details -I think the sleeve on the box adds that extra touch of luxury.

Luxor Box May 2015 Inside And voila, items revealed!

Luxor Box May 2015 Cards
Luxor Box May 2015 Cards Details of the items are included in these cards. One side gives information on the company/brand and the other side details the actual item. Coupon codes are also included in these cards.

Now on to the items...

Luxor Box May 2015 Lisa Stewart Luxor Box May 2015 Lisa Stewart2 Lisa Stewart Bar None Stud Earrings $85

This was one of the items they revealed earlier last month. They didn't actually say what the item was, only that it was a jewelry piece from Lisa Stewart, so I was hoping for a necklace. I'm not sure how I feel about these earrings but maybe they'll grow on me as I wear them. It's made of sterling silver vermeil, 14k gold plated with genuine cubic zirconia stones.

Luxor Box May 2015 Lumiere Mariposa Tea Light - Triple Pearls Tea Light $25.

This tea light is gorgeous and fits perfectly with my style and decor. It's made with 100% recycled materials (Recycled Sandcast Aluminum) and is made in Mexico.

Luxor Box May 2015 RCK Red Carper Kolour Body Glow in Medium - FULL SIZE! $49.95

This was their second spoiler that they sent last month as well. They didn't mention the brand, but teased that it "was developed by an expert that works with the Hollywood stars. This product has become a Red Carpet favorite!" I'm not sure if everyone got this in Medium, but I'm sure glad I did because it suits my skintone.

RCK Body Glow is a luxurious water-resistant body lotion that instantly gives your skin a radiant, sexy glow. RCK is a snap to apply, and it won't transfer onto clothing, furniture...or your husband's suit! More than just a cosmetic, RCK is an anti-aging treatment that gives you beautiful skin from head to toe. Our exclusive formula immediately camouflages imperfections while super-powered actives like Vitamin K and C even skin tone, reducing pigmentation and broken capillaries with regular use. It is non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and paraben-free. RCK Body Glow is a favorite among A-list celebrities and makeup artists - and a secret weapon on the red carpet. With RCK, you'll always be ready for your profile pic, a hot date, or anytime you want to look and feel flawless.

Luxor Box May 2015 MSC2 Luxor Box May 2015 MSC MSC Skin Care - Vanilla Exfoliating Sugar Scrub - FULL SIZE! $33

Sugar scrubs are a staple in my skincare, both face and body, so I'm happy to have more. The vanilla scent is on the lighter side and I'm thankful for that -I'm not too keen on sweet fragrance. Upon reading their website, it says that their vanilla is infused in-house with imported Madagascar vanilla beans. I can't wait to use this!

Luxor Box May 2015 MSC Set Luxor Box May 2015 MSC Set2 MSC Skin Care - Lavender and Bergamot Body Nectar - FULL SIZE! $30

Designed for daily moisturization, Body Nectars are the best body oils for the face, hair, nails, and body. Lavender and Bergamot is an uplifting blend of lavender essential oil and bergamot essential oil both which help tone skin and calm flyaway hair.

This thing is like a spa in a bottle. You open it and immediately smell the lavender. The bottle is quite big too so it will last me a long time. So far I'm loving MSC Skin Care and I will definitely be using their coupon to purchase more items.

MSC Skin Care - Lavender and Spearmint Lip Cream - FULL SIZE! $7

Creamy, moisturizing, and vegan, too! Our lip cremes contain nourishing oils like Sunflower and Apricot Kernel combined with vitamin-rich sunflower wax helps keep your lips moisturized all day long. Our fresh lip balms are super moisturizing, and are great lip balms for men, too!

The smell of this lip balm is so refreshing, it's like a spa for your lips! You definitely smell both the Lavender and Spearmint right off the bat. I put some on my lips as I started writing this review minutes ago and noticed my lips are all moisturized now. When I first put it on it gave a very slight tingly feeling due to the spearmint oil, but subsided soon after.

Luxor Box May 2015 Sucre Chambre De Sucre Sugar Balls - His & Hers Set - FULL SIZE! $26

This two piece set features their Colored Sugar Balls and our Coffee Sugar Balls. The Colored Sugar Balls come in a mixed paster selection of pink, green, yellow and white -there's no difference in taste though. It's made with pure can sugar. The Coffee Sugar Balls are made with dark brown sugar and has no coffee flavor.

I've actually tried their fancy sugars before and absolutely love them! I feel so fancy and proper when I use these for my tea. And I think the name of the set is perfect and would be great for gifting a newlywed or couples who love tea/coffee.

VERDICT: I absolutely LOVED their first box and thought that they curated the items pretty spot on. The total value came up to $255.95 which is double the actual cost! I'll be using every single item in this box, and the value is definitely there for me so I'm satisfied and will continue to subscribe. I can't wait to see what their second box will offer!


Product Price
Lisa Stewart Earrings $85
Mariposa Tea Light $25
Red Carper Kolour Body Glow $49.95
MSC Skin Care Sugar Scrub $33
MSC Skin Care Body Oil $30
MSC Skin Care Lip Balm $7
Chambre De Sucre Sugar Balls Set $26
Subscription Cost $125