Luxor Box Special Edition Summer Fun Box Review!

Luxor Box

Box: Luxor Box Special Edition Summer Fun Box

Cost: $200 one-time purchase (no subscription required), $230 (CANADA) + Free shipping. FYI, this box is no longer available for sale.

What’s in the box: This box will include a new 1951 Maison Francaise BESACE bag from their Fall/Winter 2016 collection, and all other items being featured have been curated with the theme “summer fun” in mind. Think SUN, FUN & RELAXING in STYLE! Total box retail value OVER $550!

When the spoiler came out that this box would include a new bag style from 1951 Maison Francaise, that pretty much determined my need to purchase this box. I am a major fan of that brand and their new style is right up my fashion alley.

Luxor Box Packaging

This box was shipped in a white unmarked box, just like their regular subscription boxes. This way your package is safe from prying eyes.

Luxor Box Unboxing

Once you open the white box, you see the actual Luxor Box inside.

Luxor Box Unboxing

Under the box I found an item that probably couldn’t fit inside the box so it was packaged under it.

Luxor Box Unboxing

Once you finally open the Luxor Box, you can see their branded tissue paper and logo sticker to keep it nicely packaged.

Luxor Box Unboxing

And the items inside have made its appearance!

The Info Cards:

Luxor Box Info Cards

Instead of an info magazine or sheet, Luxor Box sends out these cards detailing each item in the box, the brand behind it and value as well. They also include coupon codes sometimes from the participating brands if it’s available.

And here are all the items in the box:

Luxor Box Special Edition Summer Fun Items

So many goodies and I was happily surprised at how many items there were!

Items in detail:

1951 Maison Francaise Besace Bag Camel

1951 Maison Francaise Besace Bag in Camel. Value $130

If you purchased this box, you were able to choose which color of bag you would receive.

Luxor Box Special Edition Summer Fun Spoiler

The Bleu Nuit is a very dark blue that looks black. The Carmin is a deep burgundy color. I chose Camel because of its versatility to match pretty much any outfit.

1951 Maison Francaise Besace Bag Camel

The back has a loop for a belt which I thought was pretty cool.

1951 Maison Francaise Besace Bag Camel

Behind the 1951 branding inside is a pocket to store some cards or small items. You also see their signature polka dot lining. The inside is actually quite roomy and is enough to fit my iPhone 6 (It would fit the iPhone 6+ as well) and my compact powder, a card holder and various small items. It’s the perfect size for a small crossbody, I love it!

And here’s how it looks like on me:

1951 Maison Francaise Besace Bag Camel

I wore the bag all weekend long and it was perfect. Side note, I shortened the length of the bag because it was too long for me initially. If that’s the case for you too, just use a very sharp scissor to cut the strap to your desired length and redo the knot to keep it in place. And if you haven’t done so already, follow me on Instagram to see more pictures of me that are non subscription related ;)

1951 Maison Francaise Porte-Monnaie Camel

1951 Maison Francaise Porte-Monnaie. Value $40

What a cute small coin pouch to include with this bag! I wasn’t expecting this!

1951 Maison Francaise Porte-Monnaie Camel

The 1951 branding can be found when you open the flap and you see their signature polka dot lining inside again. This small pouch actually fits credit cards too (not just coins) so I used it as a card holder when I used this bag last weekend and it fits perfectly with all the other necessities I had in there. A nice surprise to find and totally appreciated!

WeWood Xipe BL 7060 Sunglasses

WeWood Xipe BL 7060 Sunglasses. Value $120

I have a WeWood watch thanks to a previous Luxor Box and loved the wood material and design that was on it. So naturally I thought this would be made from wood too, especially since the texture looks like it, but surprisingly it’s made from sustainable cotton!

WeWood Xipe BL 7060 Sunglasses

They also included a pouch to store your sunglasses as well as a cleaning cloth to keep them nice and finger print free.

WeWood Xipe BL 7060 Sunglasses

The style of the frames is on trend and the black color makes it versatile for everyone. I do find the size of the frame to be on the small side though. I tried it on and personally this style does not look good on my face and I was pretty bummed out about that. I really wanted to like it.

WeWood Xipe BL 7060 Sunglasses

The side view shows no branding and is just simple and clean. It was definitely appropriate to include these sunglasses in the Summer Fun box.

Jules Smith Gemma Necklace

Jules Smith Gemma Necklace. Value $75

I have quite a few Jules Smith jewelry pieces thanks to various subscription boxes and am happy to add more to my collection. This necklace is 14k Gold Plated and has Swarovski Crystals. I love turquoise and layered pieces so this necklace is definitely my style!

It may be hard to see, but I was wearing this necklace in the picture above where I’m wearing the bag.

Jules Smith Gemma Earrings

Jules Smith Gemma Earrings. Value $65

And of course a set of matching earrings, yay! Plus it’s also 14k Gold Plated. You can wear the top piece alone as a mini stud, or combine both pieces for a beautiful long look. I wore them together and loved it!

Again, I was wearing these in my picture above.

Jules Smiths Watercolor Leopard Sarong

Jules Smith Watercolor Leopard Sarong. Value $100

Size: 42″ x 61″

Another item from Jules Smith! I actually grew up wearing sarongs whenever we’re at the beach or pool (where I grew up everyone wore it), so I’m comfortable in wearing them.

This sarong is made of 100% viscose. It breathes like cotton and has a feel that is pleasing to the touch. I like the bright colors too, very summery!

Arete Performance Towel

Arete Performance Towel. Value $60

Note: Subscribers received different patterns for this item.

I liked the pattern that I received, it’s purple and pink with a tie dye type of design. The size is actually pretty big (I totally forgot to take a picture of the towel unpacked, sorry!) and since it’s a high performance sweat absorbing towel, it would probably be best used at the gym or they even suggest to put it on top of your yoga mat for a non-slip effect, which is what I will be using this towel for.

Monoi Tiare Oil

Monoi Tiare Oil, 2 oz. glass with dropper. Value $25

This oil is a multi-tasker and can be used on hair, skin, in the bath or on your cuticles. It has the scent of Tiare Flowers (a cousin of Gardenias) with a hint of Coconut. And that’s pretty much because it’s made with only coconut oil, tiare flowers, and vitamin E. I like it when ingredients are simple and clean. And I love this scent too, very appropriate for the summer season!

My Thoughts: This Special Edition box was amazing! I thought the curation was on point with the summer theme and they included quality brands as well. I absolutely loved the 1951 Maison Francaise bag (so gorgeous), and appreciated that they let us choose the color of our choice. Every item in the box felt luxe and are definitely items you would want to find in a $200 box. The total value came up to $615 which is triple the cost, and it felt like I received $600 worth of products instead of over inflated values that sometimes other boxes tend to do. This has got to be my favorite special edition box from them as of yet!

My Items

Product Price
1951 Maison Francaise Besace Bag $130
1951 Maison Francaise Porte-Monnaie $40
WeWood Sunglasses $120
Jules Smith Gemma Necklace $75
Jules Smith Gemma Earrings $65
Jules Smith Leopard Sarong $100
Arete Performance Towel $60
Monoi Tiare Oil $25
Box Cost $200