Luxor Box January 2016 Review

Luxor Box

Subscription: Luxor Box

Cost: $125/bi-monthly for the Luxor Box (6-9 items) OR $39.95/bi-monthly for the Petite Box (3-4 items) + Free shipping.

What's in the box: Items range from high-end spa products, top-shelf beauty products, jewelry, apparel, home accessories and unique treasures from around the world. Every shipment will have a $275+ value!

Luxor Box is one of those luxurious subscription boxes that I'm in love with. Their curation has been great so far and I'm always excited when I finally receive mine on my doorstep!

This month's box was shipped in an unmarked brown box (it's typically white) and that's probably due to the need for a bigger box to contain the throw that they'll be including in this month's box (it was revealed last month).

Upon opening the brown box, you see the actual Luxor Box and a white package which I assume is the throw.

First look at unboxing

I love how they always package the inside with Luxor Box paper and sticker. It looks so chic!

Second look at unboxing

As soon as you open the box, you see their info cards. We'll get back to that later.

Second look at unboxing

And finally the items have finally made an appearance!

Luxor Box details the items for the month in the form of info cards. No other subscription boxes does it this way and I like it because it doesn't take too much space if I wanted to keep them for future reference.

The info cards

Each info card details the items, value and coupons whenever available.

And here are the items inside:

Ahhh, can't even begin to describe how excited I am about all the items, they look amazing and totally me!

Items in detail:

Marie Belle Aztec Hot Chocolate
Value $12

During winter season, there's nothing more comfy than wrapping myself up in a blanket while drinking some hot cocoa and lounging in front of the fireplace. This will surely be used for that and I just might do that tonight!

The packaging of this hot chocolate is so pretty too, definitely countertop worthy.

They even include different ways to prepare this hot chocolate; American Style, European Style or Mochaccino. I like both the American and European style, not really into Mochaccino since I'm not much of a coffee drinker, but I'm sure my husband will be trying that method. I may even be indulgent and sprinkle this on top of my homemade Tiramisu next time, yum!

Packaging for the Faux Fur Throw

Bliss Home & Design Faux Fur Throw in Faux Fox White Fur
Value $100

Dimensions: 50" Height x 60" Width

Subscribers received this throw in either Faux Fox White Fur, Faux Sheared Beaver Fur or Faux Dark Chocolate Channeled Mink Fur.

This throw is so soft and fluffy, it's also quite big for a throw. I can either use it in the living room or in my bedroom. Choices, choices.

Here's a look at the throw in my living room:

It matches my decor perfectly! Absolutely love this, I was literally clapping my hands (presumably to Luxor Box) while I was staging it for the picture above. Absolutely love it!

Closer look at the throw

Hopefully you can see from the above picture that the material is quite fluffy. I really do commend Luxor Box for including such an amazing item in this month's box!

Etiquette Clothiers "Lots of Cash" Cashmere Socks
Value $44

I love everything Cashmere, it's both warm and so lightweight, definitely my go-to for winter clothing. Because of that, I was super excited to get these and although I wished it was black instead, the color is still quite neutral where it would go with a lot of colors as well.

I wished it had more cashmere in them and not only 10%, but that's okay, I live in California so it doesn't get too cold here to be needing really warm socks. Can't wait to wear these!

Jules Smith Crochet Tube Scarf
Value $45

I used to not be a scarf person before my subscription addiction, but now is a different story. I do love me a good scarf but unfortunately the design on this one particularly is just not my style. Jules Smith is a great brand and I've receive quite a few items from them in the past so it's nothing against the quality or brand, just personal preference.

Here's a closer look at the scarf:

The material is really soft. I do wish it was in a different design so it looks somewhat good on me, but sadly no, so this will be gifted.

Mottahedeh Snowflake Mug
Value $45

This is one expensive mug! But that's because Mottahedeh is a recognized leader in luxury ceramic antique reproductions and historic designs. Although I'm not a big fan of this particular design, the whole story of it is quite interesting.

"Wilson Bentley(1865–1931) of Jericho, Vermont,was a farmer and a highly-regarded amateur meteorologist who photographed snow—or more precisely, thousands of individual snow crystals. Drawn to their beauty and seemingly endless variety, Bentley isolated and captured these crystals in simple, stark photographs, creating his first successful image—a “photomicrograph” of a single snow crystal—on January 15, 1885. The creamy, matte of the black velvet fabric proved to be the perfect backdrop to showcase the beautiful, feather-like crystals. Soon, his work came to the attention of National Geographic, and Bentley published two articles—in January 1904 and January 1923—that showcased his extraordinary photography while also illustrating the basic science of snow."

The handle has a striped blue design which I thought brought a bit of variety to this all-snowflake mug. The size is actually quite tall and it definitely feels quality. I really wish they went with a different design but no matter, I'll still be using it. What better mug to use with the decadent Marie Belle Aztec Hot Chocolate than this!

Pura Botanica "Just Because" Candle Tin in Tea Garden and Sweet Chai
2 Candle Tins, Value $26 ($13 each)

Subscribers received 2 of the following scents: Fulfill Mint, Tea Garden, Oh-So-Citrus and Sweet Chai.

Everytime I travel I always have to bring some candles with me. These candles are great for travelling because of the petite size and also because of the tin packaging.

Made with 100% cosmetic grade soy wax and infused with essential oils, this will surely provide me with some aromatherapy whenever needed. The Tea Garden scent (which is my favorite out of the two) is refreshing and the Sweet Chai smells like... well... Sweet Chai tea.

Packaging for the rest of the Pura Botanica products

Pura Botanica Botanic Bath Infusions in Lost in Lavender & Pick Me Up
2 Single Pack Bath Infusions, Value $22 ($11 each)

Subscribers received 2 of the following scents: Moments in Mint, Pick Me Up, Lost in Lavender and Rose Retreat.

These bath salts smell amazing! The scent filled up the whole box and it's all I smell when I was unboxing and taking pictures, so heavenly. It really made me want to soak in a long hot bath, so I guess I'll be doing that tonight and use these.

They are a 3-in-1 bath therapy because of the mineralizing sea salts, therapeutic essential oils and curative flowers & herbs, giving you a total restoration and relaxation experience at the same time. My body is already saying, "let's take a bath!"

Pura Botanica Lend A Hand Crème Smoother
Value $10

Note: This did not come sealed.

This is an all-natural hand crème that's made with West African Shea Butter and Aloe Vera. I always love me a good hand crème and can never have enough so this was truly appreciated. At first I was wondering why they put a turtle design on the tube, but then I learned that it's because a portion of all proceeds will benefit the National Save the Sea Turtle Foundation. Awww, I love sea turtles, they are amazing creatures and I would totally support this!

My Thoughts: So I think Luxor Box heard my wishes and came up with an amazing curation this month! They really knocked it out of the park and I'm so so happy with every item! The throw itself was so luxurious and such a treat to receive, then they also included other pampering products. Definitely my favorite box as of yet! The total value came up to $304 which is amazing and I really do think they did a great job in curating the products perfectly for the winter. #Applaud

If you haven't joined yet, you can subscribe to Luxor Box here. Their next shipment is March 2016!

My Items

Product Price
Marie Belle Aztec Hot Chocolate $12
Bliss Home & Design Faux Fur Throw $100
Etiquette Clothiers Cashmere Socks $44
Jules Smith Crochet Tube Scarf $45
Mottahedeh Snowflake Mug $45
Pura Botanica 2x Candle Tins $26
Pura Botanica 2x Bath Salts $22
Pura Botanica Lend A Hand Crème $10
Subscription Cost $125