Luxor Box July 2015 Review

Luxor Box

Subscription: Luxor Box

Cost: $125/bi-monthly for the Luxor Box (6-9 items) OR $39.95/bi-monthly for the Petite Box (3-4 items) + Free shipping.

What's in the box: Items range from high-end spa products, top-shelf beauty products, jewelry, apparel, home accessories and unique treasures from around the world. Starting in September, every shipment will have a $275+ value (raised from $250)!

This is the second shipment from Luxor Box ever since it premiered in May, so I was anxiously waiting for this box to arrive. It actually arrived while I was away on vacation a couple of weeks ago, and I finally had time to review it today.

Luxor Box ships in unmarked white boxes so that it's safe from prying eyes.

And voila, the Luxor Box is inside and in perfect condition.

First look at unboxing

Second look at unboxing

Opening this box feels like opening a gift from a high end brand name or department store, it's such a luxurious feeling!

The info cards

A couple of spoilers were released prior, but Luxor Box is different in a way where they only release the brand name and you get to dream up all sorts of guesses or wishes as to what the actual item may be. So it still gets to be a surprise. I actually like that since you still get to be excited about the product without really knowing what it is. Oh the suspense.

And here are the items inside:

So in love with everything and what a great mix of home decor, skincare, beauty plus jewelry!

Items in detail:

Pura Botanica - Essentials Pouch in Tan
5 ½ x 7 ½ inches, Value $18

Although I have more makeup bags than I'll ever need, this one is different and a great addition. It's classy and looks so chic, I can definitely use it as a clutch! That'll be so handy when I'm traveling or on vacation and can't bring my 20+ bag collection for my daily fashion ensemble. #iwish

The fleur-de-lis is part of their logo so it makes sense to put it on the zipper too, which I think is a nice touch to add. Much better than just a regular zipper and definitely adds to making this usable as a clutch.

The inside is a fabric material that might not be liquid friendly, so take note on that.

Mary Jurek Design - Kenya Indian Rosewood Round Box w/Crocodile Lid
Size: 4½", Value $50

I'm such a sucker for luxury home decor, and this container screams luxury to me. Such great quality from hand carved Rosewood to the stainless steel lid, this style totally matches my decor. Love it!

I'll be using this on my vanity table to store my cotton swabs, at least for now. It can be used in so many ways, I'll definitely change it up in the future for other purposes.

Robyn Rhodes - Jerry Necklace
Value $89

The designer suggests wearing this necklace in 5 different ways:

  • Tie like a scarf: cross the two strands like an "x" and pull one of the strands around and over. Tighten to desired length.
  • Put one geometric shape into the other to create a "Y" necklace affect.
  • Wear it as a bracelet. Wrap the lariat around your wrist until both ends meet and insert one geometric shape into the other and tighten.
  • Cover your rubber-band on a pony tail by wrapping the lariat around it until both ends meet, then insert one geometric shape into the other and tighten.
  • When wearing an open low back dress, wear this necklace backwards so the chains hang behind.

I'm not that big a fan of two tone jewelries, but since this necklace is pretty unique in the multiple ways to wear it, I will definitely be experimenting with each method. I like receiving accessories that are different and new, that's why I signed up for subscription boxes in the first place. Plus this necklace is made of high quality and valued at $89, that's a great item for this box!

Jules Smith - Distressed Infinity Scarf in White
Value $45

I've received a Jules Smith scarf from FabFitFun in the past, but I'm happy this design is less busy and more classy compared to the one I already have. I got the color "White" and I think that's perfect for summer. The material is soft and light, definitely a great scarf to accesorize a casual-chic apparel.

Co Pur - Facial Scrub & Mask Two-In-One
Value $24

I've never heard of this brand before so I had to look them up and I'm happy to report that this brand uses only natural ingredients.

"This combination scrub and mask is ideal for light exfoliation. It also serves as a antioxidant rich mask that does not dry your skin out. It leaves skin feeling soft and looking radiant. Simply shake quarter size amount into palm of your hand. Add a small amount of water to form a paste. Massage gently on face, avoid eyes. Let dry for 15 minutes. Rinse with clean water."

Co Pur - Moisturizer + Makeup Remover
Value $20

"This product doubles as a light moisturizer and makeup remover. Our grape seed oil and vitamin E formula is fabulous for your skin! Use 2 to 3 squirts on a cotton ball to remove make-up. Use 1 to 2 squirts to moisturize your face. This product can even be used as a all over body moisturizer or aftershave."

I'm not a big fan of applying oil products on my face because of my oily/combination skin. I find that products like these work better on normal to dry skin, so I'll be passing this along to someone who will benefit more from this than me.

I already own a couple of nail polishes from them thanks to subscription boxes, and I love them so I was happy to find two of them in this box, yay! The colors that I received totally matched my style so I'm double happy. Plus Habit is a 5-free brand so you can rest assure that your nails are getting the right ingredients as well.

Habit Nail Polish in 09 Creature of the Night
Full Size 4 oz, Value $18


This color is in the purple family and although I rarely wear purple, this nail polish goes on dark so it's not that noticable. It pretty much looks like black but when the light hits it, you'll see a mix of purple and blue color with shimmer. It'll be great for a night out.

Habit Nail Polish in 10 Voodoo
Full Size 4 oz, Value $18


I love this color. It looks more like a dark brown with hints of red and slight shimmer. I don't have a color like this in my collection yet, so I'm happy to add this and can't wait to wear it.

My Thoughts: I think I love this box way more than their first launch box, it's that good! The home decor this month is better and more functional than the previous one, and this time around they included 8 items versus 7, so I'm super happy about that too. The total value came up to $282 and everything felt luxurious. I can't wait to see some brand spoilers for the next box, and judging by how well they've been curating their boxes, I'm pretty sure it'll be amazing again. Can't wait!

If you haven't joined yet, you can subscribe to Luxor Box here. Enrollment was closed last month due to boxes being sold out, but enrollment has now re-opened. Limited amount of new memberships are available, but only while supplies last. So if you want to try them out, now is a good time or else you may have to get on a waiting list.

My Items

Product Price
Pura Botanica - Essentials Pouch $18
Mary Jurek Design - Kenya Indian Rosewood Round Box $50
Robyn Rhodes - Jerry Necklace $89
Jules Smith - Distressed Infinity Scarf $45
Co Pur - Facial Scrub & Mask $24
Co Pur - Moisturizer + Makeup Remover $20
Habit Nail Polish $18
Habit Nail Polish $18
Subscription Cost $125