Luxor Box May 2016 Review

Luxor Box

Subscription: Luxor Box

Cost: $125/bi-monthly for the Luxor Box (6-9 items) OR $39.95/bi-monthly for the Petite Box (3-4 items) + Free shipping.

What's in the box: Items range from high-end spa products, top-shelf beauty products, jewelry, apparel, home accessories and unique treasures from around the world. Every shipment will have a $275+ value!

Luxor Box is one of those luxurious subscription boxes that I'm in love with. I always find luxe household items and jewelry that I never would have owned or purchased had it not been for this box.

They always ship their boxes inside a bigger white and unmarked box. This way your package is safe from prying eyes. I love that, especially since there's been an increase in mail theft nowadays.

Upon opening the white box, you see the actual Luxor Box inside.

First look at unboxing

As soon as you open the box, you see their info cards. Each item is represented by a card that details the brand/company, the actual item itself and the value. Sometimes there's even a coupon too!

The info cards

And here are the items inside:

I laid out all the items on my own personal silver tray for the purpose of this picture, so no, that was not part of the box =)

Items in detail:

Jesse & Co. Genuine Leather "Beautiful" Word Pouch
Value $118

This pouch is made of genuine leather and it's so buttery soft. I love the color and obviously the word "Beautiful" on it. It's happy, bright and small enough to fit inside a larger bag.

It is quite a high-valued pouch though and personally I would never have paid full price for this, and thankfully I didn't.

Here's a look inside of the pouch:

The inside is not lined so it has the same color as the outside, which is just fine for me. I'm also happy that this was Made in the USA!

Mary Jurek Design Mirabel Mini Vase
Value $40

This vase is 4.75" in height and made of 18/8 Stainless Steel. It's part of her classic Core Collection of hand-hammered stainless steel houseware and it's just gorgeous.

Here's a look at the vase from above:

As you can see, it's got a skinny design which is quite unique. This definitely fits in with my home decor and will look beautiful by itself or with flowers in it.

Rose et Marius Precious Tumbler
Value $115

OMG, I am head over heels for this tumbler! First off, I love everything French and I've been wanting to get some Rose et Marius products for awhile now so I was ecstatic when I found out that Luxor Box will including this item for this month's box.

The colors and design are just gorgeous. I've been looking at what other subscribers received from social media, and I secretly wished to get this design. I love pink so this was a total match for me and I'm so lucky I got this!

The branding is evident inside the tumbler.

Some info about the brand and what inspired their tumbler designs. I can't believe that this is made of porcelain with platinum finish, how luxurious! It is also entirely handmade in France and can be used as a cup or filled with a candle. I think I'll be purchasing both their candle and diffuser that fits inside of this tumbler. You can also use pretty much any candle that fits inside. When you put a candle inside, it will illuminate through the design, projecting a pretty glow from inside of the tumbler. I can't wait to see that!

Rose et Marius Cement Tile Soap in L’eau De Mademoiselle Rose Fruity
Value $20

The soap matches my tumbler, yay! Plus I love everything rose, how lucky am I!

Opening the outer box reveals the beauty of this soap. I mean look at that design!

</center> </center>

This soap is so pretty and smells so good, I'm not sure I even want to use it. It'll be a great display piece in my bathroom and it will also fill the air with its lovely rose scent.

Adornia Love Lariat Necklace Silver
Value $95

This necklace actually comes in gold too and I kind of wished we got that version instead. But, even though I do prefer gold, sometimes I wear silver now and then for a certain outfit so it's not a complete lost. Plus this design is quite unique and totally up my alley in style.

Here's a look at the necklace on me:

This can actually be worn with a low v-cut top or dress for a more dramatic appearance, but for the purpose of this review, I went conservative and wore it with a simple black maxi to display its versatility.

I think it looks great and will surely dress up your casual outfit. Even my husband commented, "cool necklace", which says a lot!

My Thoughts: Wow, wow and wow. This box was ah-mazing! I absolutely LOVED everything, great job Luxor Box! It had a good variety of products and the tumbler from Rose et Marius made this box extra special and hands down my favorite box from them ever. Although there seemed to be less items this month compared to past months, all of the items were definitely in the luxury category versus 1 or 2 high-valued items mixed in with smaller items that seems more like fillers. I definitely prefer less items but more quality. Hopefully they keep this trend for the upcoming boxes!

If you haven't joined yet, you can subscribe to Luxor Box here. Their next shipment is July 2016!

My Items

Product Price
Jesse & Co. Leather Pouch $118
Mary Jurek Design Vase $40
Rose et Marius Tumbler $115
Rose et Marius Soap $20
Adornia Love Necklace $95
Subscription Cost $125