Oui Please Vol. 1.4 Box Review + 20% Coupon!

Oui Please

Subscription: Oui Please

Cost: $150/bimonthly or $650/annually + Free Shipping

What's in the box: Every box has a French regional theme and will feature unique selections of full sized French products based on that theme. This subscription is different in a way where every box is different, so there are multiple versions that subscribers will be receiving with different values. Items will include beauty, jewelry, accessories, apparel, home and epicure.

Coupon: Use coupon code OUIWHATSUP to get 20% off any subscription, that's such a good deal!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I love luxury subscription boxes and I love France, so this box is absolutely perfect for me.

Oui Please VOL. 1.4: Escape to the French Riviera

Oui Please ships their boxes through FedEx Ground, it took 5 days for me to receive it.

Once you open it, you can see the actual Oui Please box inside and it's protected with black bubble wraps to match the color theme. There's also a white envelope on top of it which I'm guessing is a note from them.

And yes it is, they included a thank you note with a quote that matches the Plonge sign, how sweet!</figcaption>

How pretty is the box! It's so BIG and sturdy, it definitely feels like a quality box made from high quality materials and you just know something luxurious is inside. I usually throw away boxes afterwards, but not this, I'm keeping this for sure!

Now let's open this baby up!

First look at unboxing

What a nice big sign and it's made with a pretty thick cardstock too, I'm totally keeping this. And I know the perfect place to display it. "Plonge" means Plunge in French so I'll be framing this and displaying it outside in my backyard since I have a pool, how appropriate! I'm already happy and I haven't even gotten to the items yet!

Second look at unboxing

Everything is packaged so beautifully, I'm slowly melting into happiness...

And my happiness just doubled. I can't wait to start digging in to see these beauties up close and personal!

Oui Please always includes a catalog magazine listing all the items that may be in Volume 1.4 box. I think it's great and so informational, plus their made with such good quality, I'm totally keeping mine.

</center> </center>
Some pages from inside the catalog

And here are the items in my box:

Before I move on to the individual items, I just want to point out that with every subscription box, they state the value of each item in their info card or catalog magazine in this case. I don't always go by what's stated as I do my own search, so I'll list both the stated value and current price based on my own personal search for your reference. And due to the exchange rate, I typically round up the pennies so that it get's less complicated to compare.

Items in detail:

Kingies Paris - LIFE IS BEAU Shirt
Stated Value $40 (current price $24)

This item was released as a spoiler earlier and I love that I got it! Although I'm typically an XS, the size I got was a Small because that's the smallest size they have. But I think the size actually runs small so the fit is still great, not baggy at all. I can't wait to wear this soon!

Lulu En Provence - Pochette Ecru "Rêveuse"
Stated Value $40 (current price $25)

Rêveuse means Dreamy in French, how appropriate for me ;) The size is medium (not too small, yet not too big) and the material is canvas which makes it quite rugged and heavy duty. I love this bag, but I think I secretly wish I got the larger beach bag instead =P

Here's a look at the inside of the bag:

There's no lining so it's not very liquid friendly, but I still love it and will probably use it as a makeup bag or a clutch for my beachy vacations.

Shake Your Bowtie - Shell Bracelet
Stated Value $50

Their website doesn't have this bracelet listed so I'm guessing it might be an exclusive design made just for Oui Please. But based on the prices of other bracelets, it sounds about right so I used the stated value.

This bracelet is cute and beachy. At first I was worried that it won't fit my petite hands, but this bracelet is adjustable and fits me just fine. There were a few more jewelry options in the catalog from other makers, and Objets Obscurs kind of caught my eye since I'll be going to Hawaii next week and the magazine noted that Hawaii is the inspiration for her current collection, Pink Flamingo. So I went to their website and guess what, they're having a summer sale of 50% off everything, how awesome! I'm totally eyeing the headband and some earrings, and since shipping is only 8 Euros, I think I'll be adding these jewels into my collection. Oh why did I have to find out about this sale, sigh.

Betchy Sketch Coasters
4 Coasters, Stated Value $20

These coasters were made exlusively for Oui Please as you can see, and although $20 is quite pricey for paper coasters, I believe the value is in the art which I appreciate. Because these coasters are made of paper and are quite thin too, I wouldn't really recommend using them as coasters. I know that defeats the purpose and I think a postcard type of art display would have been better than coasters. But they're pretty nevertheless and I just couldn't put them away to never ever be used, so creative old me found a way to display them, see pictures below:

Don't they look pretty, I love it! It goes so perfectly in my office and table, honestly I think it'll go with just about any decor. Makes me so happy to look at it while I'm working, merci Oui Please!

Pier Auge - Body Balm CARESSE AGRUMES
Stated Value $80 (current price $44)

Wow, this body balm jar is huge! The texture is creamy and the scent is both fruity and fresh, and that's due to the Grapefruit essential oils added into this lotion. I like this and it will certainly last me awhile.

Sothys Cellu-guard Tanning Body Lotion SPF 20
Value $52

The Sothys product listed in the catalog magazine was a different type, it was an SPF 30 sunscreen and I got a tanning lotion instead. Unfortunately I don't really use tanning lotions since I'm already quite tan myself thanks to my love of snorkeling and swimming. Also, I didn't really see an expiration date, but it does state a 9-month expectancy once it's opened, so keep note on that.

Grain de Pastel - Face and Body Butter
Stated Value $50 (current price $36)

Another body lotion and it's pretty big in size as well! It looks luxurious and smells great too, can't wait to use it!

"Enriched in pastel oil, with a rich and dense texture, this face and body balm intensely nourishes and regenerates the skin. It brings an immediate comfort to dry, sensitive and damaged skins and provides a better protection against external aggressions."

Grain de Pastel - Hand Cream
Stated Value $30 (current price $16)

I can never have too many hand creams. I always put one in every single bag I have so that it's always on hand when I need them. This one doesn't disappoint either, great addition!

"Thanks to its nourishing formula rich in pastel oil, this hand cream leaves a protective film and protects the most exposed skins. As its formula is very concentrated, a knob is enough to leave the hands soft, with a pleasant fragrance."

Doux Me - Rose Mist
Stated Value $35 (current price $21)

I actually use a Rose Water toner by Fresh and I love it to calm my skin down after a long day in the sun or after some intensive mask/skin treatment, so I was happy to receive a Rose Water mist to add to my skincare collection. I'll probably use it for the same purposes as well.

La Fare 1789 - Lavender Flower Jar
Stated Value $20

It's suggested to put these in sachets and place them in your cabinets or drawers to give your clothes an added lavender fragrance. Or, you can include them in your bath routine to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere as you're soaking away. I just might try the latter as putting these in sachets might be too complicated for me ;)

Confiserie Stanislas Nougat Lemon
Stated Value $20

I love nougat and this bar is pretty big. It'll definitely satisfy my sweet cravings and then some =)

My Thoughts: I'm happy with the items from my box and I'm totally going to make it my mission to secure the other items I didn't get. There were a lot of skincare products in this box though, more than I need, so hopefully next month it'll be more evenly spread in terms of the type of products I receive. I saw some pictures in Instagram of other variations of the box, and although there were some that had almost the exact items, I did notice one or two that had better versions; they got the shirt, a jewelry item, a makeup pouch plus a beach bag! Oh how I wish I got the beach bag too! Aside from that, I think the idea of having a subscription box with items that are French, a magazine that's like a catalog identifying all items that were released for this box volume, and the quality of the physical box itself being the best that's out there, that's already valuable and unique enough for me to continue subscribing. Everything from the shipment box, the container box, and the items inside were so luxurious and French, I can't stop looking at it with love =) I can't wait to see what 1.5 will offer!

If you haven't subscribed yet, you can subscribe here and right now is a better time than ever since you can use coupon code OUIWHATSUP to get 20% off any subscription. That brings the cost down to $120 for this box or $520 for a whole year! That's a totes crazy deal!

My Items

Product Price
Kingies Paris Shirt $24
Lulu En Provence Pochette $25
Shake Your Bowtie Bracelet $50
Betchy Sketch Coasters $20
Pier Auge Body Balm $44
Sothys Tanning Lotion $52
Grain de Pastel - Face & Body Butter $36
Grain de Pastel - Hand Cream $16
Doux Me - Rose Mist $21
La Fare 1789 - Lavender Flower Jar $20
Confiserie Stanislas - Nougat Lemon $20
Subscription Cost $150