Panduh Box July 2016 Review!

Panduh Box July 2016 Box

Subscription: Panduh Box

Cost: $29.95/monthly (cheaper options for longer terms) + Free Shipping to the U.S.; International shipping available, fee varies with address.

What’s in the box: The Panduh Box is a surprise monthly subscription box that is perfect for the planner addict or stationery enthusiast! Expect to receive washi tapes, stickers, pens, sticky notes and other planner goodies! Each box will come with 6 to 10 exclusive items. FYI, Panduh boxes are shipped out from the 15th - 18th of every month.

If you’re a planner addict such as myself, you know how it can be so fun to decorate your planners with cute and useful adornments. It’s so addicting, I just can’t seem to have enough of it!

Panduh Box is a fairly new subscription. Created by a planner lover herself, Emma Mende, it was launched in September 2015. I’ve been keeping my eye on this box since it started but only decided to subscribe last June (you can read my previous review here) and boy am I happy I did!

Panduh Box July 2016 Package

Their boxes are shipped in metalic gold envelopes. You sure can’t miss them in your mailbox!

Panduh Box - First look at unboxing

I love unboxing this box, it’s always a surprise (and joy) to find how it’s decorated every time! July’s theme is “Treat Yo’ Self”.

Note from the curator:

Panduh Box July 2016 Info Card

Instead of a welcome card that was in my last box, for July it has been replaced with a sheet of bonus stickers and a $5 gift voucher to spend at I can honestly say that I like this format better, I mean who doesn’t like extra stickers!!

Panduh Box - First look at unboxing

Once you unwrap the purple ribbon and confetti tissue paper, you see the items inside all packaged neatly and pretty.

And here are all the items in July's box:

Panduh Box July 2016 Items

Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorgeous!

Items in detail:

Panduh Box July 2016 - Haribo Gummy Bears

Haribo Gummy Bears

How sweet is this litte treat! First off, I need to spotlight the fact that she really packages all her items with such detail and thought. Including my name in handwriting which gave that extra personal touch and it truly made this more than just a treat!

Panduh Box July 2016 - 15 Ways To Treat Yo Self

15 Ways To Treat Yo’ Self

A suggested list of 15 ways on how to treat yourself. I can honestly say that I could relate to all 15 actions.

Panduh Box July 2016 - Storage Bag

Colorful Clear Bag (Dimensions: 7.5” x 7.5”)

This bag is see through and has colorful flower(?) prints on them. It’s pretty good in size, and the material is plastic so it’ll be water resistant. It’s zippered enclosure also makes this a good compartment to keep all your small planner goodies perfectly safe and travel ready.

Panduh Box July 2016 - Washi Tapes Packaging

Judging by how it feels, I think 2 washi rolls are in this candy-like packaging. You see how she really pays attention to the small details, I just love it!

Panduh Box July 2016 - Washi Tapes

Washi Tapes (2 rolls)

And there they are! I really like these 2 washi tape rolls. One of them has a confetti print and the other a zig zag, green and pink pattern.

Here’s how it looks on paper:

Panduh Box July 2016 - Washi Tapes

Can’t wait to use them on my planner soon!

Panduh Box July 2016 - Mini Bear Pen

Panduh Box July 2016 - Mini Bear Pen

Gummy Bear Fine Tip Pen

This pen is SO cute! Subscribers received different colors I believe and I like mine, it’s a light mint green color.

Panduh Box July 2016 - Mini Bear Pen

The tip is really fine and writes well. The ink is consistent too. But that bear, it’s just so darn stinking cute!

Panduh Box July 2016 - Bits to Pieces Donut Paper Planner Clip

Bits to Pieces Donut Paper Planner Clip

I’ve only recently found an urgent need to collect really cute paper clips. And now that I’ve open that Pandora box, I find myself browsing around for more to add to my collection. This donut paper clip is cute and so well made, it’s just perfect.

Panduh Box July 2016 - Ice Cream Eraser

Iwako Ice Cream Eraser

Another cute and tasty looking accessory! This ice cream eraser fits the theme and will look delicious as I erase my writing mistakes. I haven’t had an eraser this cute since probably junior high school!

Panduh Box July 2016 - Let's Do This Notepad

Let’s Do This Notepad

This notepad is not only adorned prettily with flowers, but it’s also lined and has a checklist box. I can certainly use this for many of my checklist needs.

Panduh Box July 2016 - Sue Atelier Stickers

Sue Atelier Stickers (1 sheet)

This sticker sheet has many yummy treats on it. It’s making me want some dessert!

Panduh Box July 2016 Sticker Package

Just like my last box, stickers are packaged in another paper bag. And yes, I do deserve pretty things =)

Panduh Box July 2016 - You & Me Make Stickers

You & Me Make Stickers (2 sheets)

These stickers are to adorn your planners (whichever they may be) for both functional and decorating use. I love the colors on it, so bright and cheery, as well as the motivational quotes. And of course the donuts are there again to match with the paper clip and washi tape. It’s gonna be one yummy weekly spread!

Panduh Box July 2016 - You & Me Make Bonus Stickers

Panduh Box July 2016 - You & Me Make Bonus Stickers

Panduh Box July 2016 - You & Me Make Bonus Stickers

These are some bonus stickers that were included by You & Me Make. They’re actually located in Inglewood, CA which is in my Los Angeles neighbourhood. Go local! I just might have to add more planner goodies from them soon, especially since they’ve also included a 20% off coupon.

My Thoughts: Ummm yeah, this box was SWEEEET! She totally hit it out off the park again with this curation and I am just over the moon(cake) in love with everything. It truly felt like a treat to open the box and I’m beginning to have a major crush with this sub. All this for just $29.95! My only regret is that I didn’t sign up sooner. Every item was quality and so well presented (I can’t rave enough about her packaging!) it made it that much extra special to unbox. I can’t wait to play with all of the items soon!

Interested in subscribing? You can go to to start receiving their monthly planner boxes! Subscribe before the 15th to get the current month’s box.