Popsugar Must Have June 2015 Review + Coupon!

Subscription: Popsugar Must Have

Cost: $39.95 monthly (additional taxes apply to CA)

What's in the box: You'll receive lifestyle items that are curated by Popsugar Editor in Chief, Lisa Sugar, ranging from makeup, jewelry, fitness, food, home and more!

Coupon: Use coupon code MUSTHAVE5 to get $5 off your first box!

This month's theme is "Sun-Kissed, Soft Skin Papaya, Outdoor Fun, Coconut, and Yoga Warrior".

First look at unboxing

When I first opened the box, I could smell something wonderful and sweet coming from inside -yep, that's a good sign, I'm already happy.

They always include a fold out card that details all the items and prices.

And here are the items!

Items in detail:

Quay Australia - Mandate Sunglasses
Retail Value $45

OMG, these sunglasses are so cool and fit me perfectly! I love that its light, fits my Asian nose (thank goodness!), and is simple yet uber cool. #soinlove

Here's a view of the sunglasses from the side:

You see how simple the design is, no overly bling or big "in-your-face" logo, just two silver dots. Nice.

I'm more than happy that Popsugar decided to include sunglasses this month, just in time for the sunny summer days. I know that probably not everyone is happy getting this since sunglasses require specific preference and depends on shape of face, but they did pick a style that's more universal when compared to Q/A's other styles, which I love by the way and am already eyeing a few that needs to be in my posession asap!

Spongelle - Boxed Flowers-Fleur En Boîte
Retail Value $16

This is what was giving that amazing scent when I opened the box, smells so heavenly. They have the exact scent in a lotion too, I just might have to get that.

This sponge is a body wash and buffer that promises to cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate and massage as you use it. You use it exactly like a body sponge, but with the added bonus that it already has a cleanser and lotion infused into it.

Pacifica - Enlighten Eye Brightening Shadow Palette
Retail Value $14

Here are the colors in the set:

  • Urchin - An iridescent jeweled purple with gold tones. Use dry as a shadow, wet as a liner. Perfect for smudging and a great substitute for black
  • Golden - A perfect gold with just the right amount of shimmer. Use on the lids or line the eyes
  • Coral Sand - A satin lid base or highlighter
  • Skinny Dip - Matte nude base, a universal brightener. Perfect for using on the inner eye to add brightness

I couldn't have picked better colors myself. It'll go great with my olive skin tone and everyday natural makeup look.

These eye shadows are infused with coconut water which gives it a velvety, cream-like finish. The coconut water acts as a skin balancer while soothing and softening. Plus it creates a creamy, crease-free application that's also long wear.

And most importantly, Pacifica is a 100% vegan and cruelty free company.

Judy Blume - In the Unlikely Event
Retail Value $16.77

I found this book cheaper at Amazon so I'm using their prices for value.

This is my least favorite item in the box since I have a Kindle and my preference in books are more in the science fiction and non-fiction genre. I'll probably end up gifting this to someone.

Yogitoes - Organic hBand in Peacock
Retail Value $4

This headband is quite wide (4" wide) and feels so soft thanks to the organic cotton. It's also multi purpose; you can use it to hold back your hair, as a wrist band, or cover your eyes during Savasana -a yoga pose of total relaxation where you close your eyes.

SNAP Infusion - Supercandy in Gummy and Sour Gummy
2 packs, Retail Value $4

This is interesting. It's an energy bar, drink and vitamin all in one.

SUPERCANDY® is packed with b vitamins to boost your energy, antioxidants to keep your immune system strong, and electrolytes to help you stay hydrated.

Bonus item:

Sweet & Spark Gift Card
Value $30

Sweet & Spark is a father-daughter team that searches flea markets and antique stores for unique vintage jewelry. Because of that, all items on their site only has 1 available. Prices range from $50 and can go up to $300.

Before the items go on sale on their website, they carefully clean each piece by hand or by ultra sonic cleaner, then finish it by triple plating them so it doesn't tarnish easily. It'll be all pretty and new again.

I find this company quite interesting and am happy to support any independent businesses. And FYI, the gift cards have unique codes for each subscriber.

My Thoughts: When I looked at the spoilers last month, I was really excited about the sunglasses and now that I have it on hand, it'll be my go-to for sunglasses this summer. The only item I disliked was the book, and maybe I'm not alone here, but I'm not sure how a book inclusion fits with the Popsugar Must Have theme this month. The total value came up to $129.77 (that's with the gift card and using Amazon's price for the book) and that's not a bad value for a $39.95 subscription. Even without the book I would have felt like I got double my money's worth so I'm content. Next month's theme is "Beach Days, Fourth of July, Easy Travel, and Summer Heat", see my post about it here , and I can't wait to see some spoilers!

Not a subscriber? You can subscribe here to start your subscription with the July box and don't forget to use coupon code MUSTHAVE5 to get $5 off your first box!

My Items

Product Price
Quay Australia Sunglasses $45
Spongelle Boxed Flower Sponge $16
Pacifica Eye Shadow Palette $14
Judy Blume's In the Unlikely Event Novel $16.77
Yogitoes Headband $4
SNAP Infusion Supercandy $4
Sweet & Spark Gift Card $30
Subscription Cost $39.95