Rosario Dawson Quarterly Co. Box #18903 Review!

The Subscription: Rosario Dawson Quarterly Co.

The Cost: $50/quarterly + $8 Shipping & Handling fee (additional taxes apply to CA)

What's in the box: Every 3 months, Rosario will send you beautiful, creative works that are meant to inspire.

"Spring Box #18903 is all about spring clearing - your winter induced cabin fever has broken and as you mine your wares to make way for the new you budding forth don’t forget to clear your senses with the same care and rigor as when you clear your closet...!”

I purchased the "Spring Clearing box from Rosario Dawson" during their wharehouse sale which means I got it for 50% off, steal!

Ever since it came out I was contemplating yet secretly wanting to get the box, and I'm glad I was tardy because now I saved some cash. #winning

First look at unboxing.

Quarterly Co. is different where they don't just include an info card, they actually provide a personal letter type of info card where the curator explains the choices in the box and what they mean to the theme. I like it, it's both informational and personal, nice touch!

And here are the items:

This box had so many items inside, awesome!

Items in detail:

Studio One Eighty Nine Pillow Case
Value $75

I love the pattern of this pillow case! I only wished there was a pair, so I'm working on getting another one to make it a set, but in the meantime, it's already on my bed and it looks so urban cool.

This pillow case was designed and handmade in Ghana using traditional African wax, how cool is that. A great product that's also doing great in the world.

Although I wouldn't necessarily pay $75 for this, I'm happy this was included in the box and I would never have obtained one if it weren't for it, so for that I'm grateful.

Stella And Dot "Hope" Necklace
Value $23.40

Not only do I love this necklace, I love what it represents and supports -to never give up and to support research for cancer.

The multi-colored tone of silver, gold and rose gold plating reminds me that we are all uniquely different and yet we can stand together for one purpose. I think this is a great necklace to be included in this box as it reminds us that while we are spring clearing, we too must revisit our inner self and cleanse of our negativity and move towards a positive and meaningful future. But don't mind me, that's just what I thought of this necklace ;)

ILLUME - Cactus Verde Candle
Demi Vanity Tin 3.17oz/90g, Value $10

This candle smells amazingly fresh, oh my, I can't get enough! I'm always skeptical with candles because I'm quite picky with scents, but this was a perfect match for me, yay!

Made with soy wax then blended with essential oils and an all cotton-wick makes this candle a slam dunk for me.

Sock Panda Socks
One pair, Value $8.50

Unique is one word to describe these socks. I love the color pink so that's a good start, but the design I'm not so sure. I'll certainly wear these, but maybe just at home.

Sock Panda is a (funkly and cool) sock subscription that sends out 1 or 2 pairs of socks monthly. And for every subscription, they donate a pair of socks to the homeless -they've donated 10,000+ socks so far!

Honest Co. - Air + Fabric Freshener in Orange Cypress
9.3 fl. oz., Value $6.95

Naturally eliminate odors & refresh fabrics without the use of harsh, synthetic chemicals or masking agents. Leaves nothing behind but the refreshing scent of essential oils & botanicals!

I'm subscribed to their Essentials Bundle ( you can read my June 2015 review here), and I actually ordered the Lemon Verbena scent in my last box so I was happy to get another scent. I love this air freshener because it's natural which is important for something that you put into the air you breathe. The scent is very woody and earthy in a pleasant refreshing way, and I just might like this one better than Lemon Verbena. Either way, I'm happy I have 2 now!

Thai Celadon Tea Cup
One Tea Cup, Value $5

This is another item that I wish it came in pairs. I'm happy with the one, but I don't think I can use it with company in case jealousy might arise. So, naturally I shall be buying another cup (or two or three) to complete the set.

This tea cup is free of toxic heavy metals such as lead oxide, cadmium, glass and boric oxide which are commonly used in modern pottery. Only natural materials such as wood, herb and tea ash, weathering stone, surface clay and limestone are used in theirr 100% natural glazes.

The only drawback is that it's hand wash only and you can't use soap or detergent on it, and no microwave as well. I hope I remember that and not accidently wash it or nuke it. Fingers crossed.

Urban Yoga Foundation - Morning Meditation Tea
One sachet of loose tea, Value $2?

I'm so happy that this is an herbal tea! This tea is a blend of Lemon Myrtle, Vebena, Mint, Rooibos and Roses. Because I'm sensitive to caffeine, Rooibos has been my go-to tea in the morning and this blend is perfect for me.

CEED Beads in Blue & Silver
Value $40

Although the value seems pretty high (I don't think I would ever pay $40 for a bracelet like this), it does go towards creating jobs for women in Africa. CEED employs local village women in Ghana to make these popular and unique CEED Beads. So with that knowledge, I'm happy to have received this.

Each subscriber received a different color of CEED beads, and although blue is not my favorite color, at least it's dark blue so I can wear it. Here's what Blue symbolizes from their website: Blue – symbolizes knowledge, healing, peace, truth and harmony. Blue is a cooling color that encourages faith, devotion and deep insight.

Pop Rocks Strawberry Flavor
1 packet, Value $1

Pop Rocks aren't really my thing but this item was included to encourage you to have fun, smile and be happy. It's suggested to sprinkle some on cereal, ice cream or plain old straight up.

I haven't had these in a long time. I had them growing up, and it was fun to feel them crack and pop inside your mouth, but it kind of grew old for me, at least that's what I remember. I'm happy to try them again and I'm reminded of how fun these are. I think I'll try putting them in frozen yoghurt next time.

Lower Eastside Girls Club of New York - Seed Bomb
Value $1?

This item was a collaboration between LESGC and Studio 189. You're supposed to spread these seeds in empty lots, barren hillsides, or ugly road dividers. Interesting idea and I will definitely try it.

Tara Smith - Haircare Set
Set of 4 travel bottles 40ml/each, Value $10?

This set includes the following products:

These are great for travelling and the whole set pretty much sets you up for a complete travel essential.

Tara Smith products are tested on film stars but not on animals. What I found interesting is that Conrad Hotels, an international brand of luxury hotels and resorts owned and operated by Hilton, carries her products for their guest amenities.

My Thoughts: This box was amazing, especially for the price I paid! From the brands, quality and variation of products, I think the curation was a job well done! Plus most of the products had some charity association so you're also supporting them and you know it's going to a good cause. The total value adds up to $172.85 which is amazing for a $50 subscription (and even more amazing since I paid $25!). I'm excited to see what's in plans for the next box!

If you're not a subscriber, you can subscribe here to start receiving awesome products by Rosario Dawson, I totally recommend it!


Name Price
Studio 189 Pillowcase $75
Stella and Dot - "Hope" Necklace $23.40
Illume Candle $10
Sock Panda - Socks $8.50
Honest Co. - Air + Fabric Freshener $6.95
Thai Celadon Tea Cup $5
Urban Yoga Foundation Tea $2?
CEED Beads $40
Pop Rocks Candy $1
Seed Bomb $1?
Tara Smith - Haircare Set $10?
Subscription Cost $50