Sprezza Box September 2016 Review + Coupon!

Disclosure: This box was sent to me in exchange for an honest review.

Sprezza Box September 2016 Box

Subscription: Sprezza Box

Cost: $28/month + Free Shipping.

What’s in the box: You’ll receive 5-6 of the latest men’s fashion, lifestyle and grooming products from new and up-and-coming brands all delivered to your doorstep!

Coupon: Use coupon code WHATSUPMAILBOX to get 10% off your first box!

Sprezza Box is a men’s accessories subscription box that delivers items such as ties, pocket squares and all other cool outfit add-ons that will surely upgrade your look.

First unboxing look

When you first unbox it, you see it’s nicely packaged inside and sealed with their logo sticker.

Second unboxing look

Once you unwrap the sticker, you finally see the items inside with the info card above it all.

Info Card Front

The Info Card

The September 2016 box is titled The Smith and it’s filled with products to help transition from summer to fall.

Info Card Back

The back of the info card lists all the items inside the box as well as their values.

And here are all the items inside:

Sprezza Box September 2016 Items

Items in Detail:

MRKT Sunglasses Case

MRKT Sunglasses Case, Value $15

This is a case to protect your sunglasses from scratches and dirt. Closure is done by a wrap around tie as shown in the picture.

MRKT Sunglasses Case

Once you open it up, you see that it has two slots to insert your sunglasses.

MRKT Sunglasses Case

At first I was a bit worried because the case is flat and wondered how on earth will sunglasses fit in this, but it works and it really does protect it. My husband will definitely be using this when he’s traveling and doesn’t want to use the typical sunglasses case that are bulky and big.

Sprezza NYC Necktie

Sprezza NYC Neck Tie, Value $30

This red and blue tie has the classic diagonal stripes pattern that my husband will have no problem wearing. It’s made of 100% Silk and is Dry Clean only of course. It feels high quality as all Sprezza brand products are.

Gent's Lounge Tie Clip

Gent’s Lounge Tie Clip, Value $25

A silver tie clip with the Fleur-de-lis symbol that represents perfection, light, and life.

Here’s a closer look at it:

Gent's Lounge Tie Clip

The detail is very intricate and well done. The spring for the clip is also smooth and grips the tie well without damaging the material. A very well made tie clip that will surely last!

Sprezza Pocket Square

Sprezza Pocket Square, Value $18

I’m loving the pattern on this pocket square! It’s fun and modern but still classy at the same time. The blue will perfectly tie in with the tie and pocket square. Made of 100% cotton - Dry Clean only.

Weekend Casual Socks

Weekend Casual Socks, Value $10

Polka dot socks! The colors are blue and red of course and my husband loves this. It fits into his business work life and will go great when he needs to dress up to meet clients. It also feels soft and has a good grip when worn so it doesn’t slide down.

Niche For Men Multi Wash

Niche For Men Multi Wash, Value $3.99

This is an all-in-one shampoo, body wash and shave cream. Just the type of product my husband loves - something easy and all-in-one. This way he just needs to bring this one item when traveling versus separate products for each purpose. It’s also all-natural with aloe vera and essential oils, and it smeels very fresh and clean too. A great multi-wash that I’m sure any man would appreciate!

My Thoughts: This month had items that were very functional. Everything will surely be used and although it felt a bit lacking in the wow factor as I typically am with this box (personal preference), it still had its high value. The total value of everything in this box came up to $101.99 which is more than triple the cost! The silk tie was the definite winner in this box and made the cost totally worth it. Here’s to hoping next month will bring more exciting items!

Not a subscriber? You can join here to start receiving their monthly dapper accessories. And don’t forget to use coupon code WHATSUPMAILBOX for 10% off your first box!


Product Price
MRKT Sunglasses Case $15
Sprezza NYC Neck Tie $30
Gent's Lounge Tie Clip $25
Sprezza Pocket Square $18
Weekend Casual Socks $10
Niche For Men Multi Wash $3.99
Subscription Cost $28