Square Hearts June 2016 Review

Square Hearts June 2016 Box

Subscription: Square Hearts

Cost: $49.99/monthly + Free Shipping.

What’s in the box: Receive a selection of fashionable items that include Clothing, Accessories and Beauty products valued at $200+.

I’m always up for trying new subscription boxes and I’ve heard of this one through their clever Instagram marketing (a very convincing video) showing a box with clothing, accessories and beauty products so I figured, let’s try it! And they had this special promo that included free beauty products on top of your regular box, and one of those products was a Hey Gorge leave-in hair conditioner that I love, so that pretty much sealed the deal for me.

Square Hearts June 2016 Open Box

First look at unboxing shows the little silver pouch bag on the left which I assume is the free gift promo. On top of the package is their info card.

Square Hearts June 2016 Open Box

Once you unpack the tissue paper, you finally see the actual items inside. I wonder what that black clothing item will be?

The Info Card:

Square Hearts June 2016 Info

The info card details the items that were included in your box.

Square Hearts June 2016 Info

It also shows some styling tips on how to wear your items

And here are my Square Hearts June 2016 Items:

Square Hearts June 2016 Items

I’m not quite sure yet what to make of the items, they look like a good mix and variety of products, so we shall see.

Items in detail:

Square Hearts June 2016 Wallet

Double-Zipper Wallet with Hand Strap

So I’m not a big fan of this, it looks like something you get from a cheap store and it had no brand name on it either so that was a complete disappointment.

Square Hearts June 2016 Wallet

Inside the wallet you see all the slots for your credit cards. The other zipper is to contain all your loose change and cash.

Square Hearts June 2016 Wallet

The hand strap was included for you to attach to the wallet. Although I may have liked this type of wallet if it was of better quality (and of a brand that I know), unfortunately this was a total miss and will be passed along to someone who will actually use it.

Square Hearts June 2016 Black Romper

Black Romper, Size Small

I love rompers so I was quite happy to see this. It did fit me well, not too loose or tight, but again the quality is just not as I would like it to be. You could compare this to something you would get at Charlotte Russe. Oh well, at least it fits and I will be wearing this at some point.

Square Hearts June 2016 Free To Live Panties

Jeune Colette Gold Bracelet

I’m happy that I received a gold jewelry item as that is my preferred metal. The leaf design does fit well with summer style but it still feels kind of cheap to me. I did a bit of research and it seems this brand’s price range tends to be in the $10-20 range.

Square Hearts June 2016 Free To Live Panties

Free To Live Panties, Size Small

I’ve only received panties one time from a subscription box and that particular one was Made in France because it came from Oui Please, a subscription box of all things French (read my Oui Please review here). This one is far from that. It is functional and it will be used, so I guess it’s o-kay.

Square Hearts June 2016 Charlie B Leave In Hair Conditioner

Charlie B. Leave In Hair Conditioner

I do love me some leave in hair conditioners so this was happily accepted.

Square Hearts June 2016 Nabi Nail Polish

Nabi Nail Polish in Pastel Misty

Nail polishes are something that I love to collect and this color looks great on me plus it’s appropriate for the summer season so I’m happy with that.

Free Gift With Subscription

Square Hearts June 2016 Nabi Nail Polish

They had a promo last month where if you subscribed you’ll receive a free set of beauty and skincare products. It includes a Your Minerals setting powder and eyeshadow powder, a Gorge leave-in hair conditioner, and a Hello Legs shaving lotion.

I love the Gorge leave-in conditioner, that alone is worth $25. And the Hello Legs lotion is a favorite too that I’ve received in a FabFitFun box and that’s valued at $20.

My Thoughts: So this was my first Square Hearts box and honestly, it will be my last. I am not impressed by the quality of the items especially for a $49.99 box, and it definitely did not feel like I received $200 worth of products. When compared to other subscription boxes at that price point, you receive much more value and products that come from a well known brand. The idea is great - a curation of clothing, accessories and beauty products, but sadly they send out items that are cheap and of low quality. Maybe it’s just me and maybe I’m just too spoiled with what other subscription boxes send out, but hey, if I’m paying the same and get better products elsewhere, I’m going elsewhere. But that’s just me. With that said, because I received a free gift with beauty and skincare products, that made this box worth the cost. So in the end I am happy with what I received, but will not continue to subscribe.

I didn’t do a price breakdown for this review because most of the brands are those that do not have a website of their own or can only be bought through wholesale. But if you want to know more about this subscription and what they tend to send out, go to their website www.squarehearts.com to get more info. I’d also suggest doing a search of their past reviews as well.