Sticky Panduh Sticker Subscription October 2016 Review!

Sticky Panduh October 2016 Package

Subscription: Sticky Panduh

Cost: $12.95/monthly + Shipping (cost varies depending on State).

What you’ll receive: You will receive 5 sheets of planner stickers every month. Each month will have a new theme that correlates with the current months Panduh Box which is their planner subscription box you can read my Panduh Box reviews here. The stickers will pair nicely with your Panduh Box goodies, but is just as great by itself too!

I’m a major sticker addict, especially when it comes to planner stickers. I subscribe to their regular Panduh Box subscription, so when they announced that a Sticky Panduh sticker subscription was launching, I subscribed in a heartbeat! Especially with the price, you really can’t say no!

This is Sticky Panduh’s first package and I was so curious to see what it will deliver, once it arrived in my mailbox, I couldn’t help but open it right away!

Sticky Panduh October 2016 Open Package

The stickers are housed in a Paper Panduh folder, it’s both cute, functional and it keeps the stickers in perfect shape during shipment.

And here are all the items for October:

Sticky Panduh October 2016 Items

Items in detail:

Sticky Panduh October 2016 - Soda Pop Studio Planner Stickers

Soda Pop Studio Planner Stickers

This month’s sticker theme is fall and hello fall indeed! One sheet has half boxes and deco stickers, while the other sheet has the functional stickers; checklist, a full box, icon stickers, weekend banner, etc. Both sheets are matte and non-removable.

Sticky Panduh October 2016 - Soda Pop Planner Stickers

Pink Sunshine Designs Planner Stickers

Another fall woodland theme stickers. This time there’s a whole sheet of full boxes which I love since I use the Erin Condren Lifeplanner Vertical layout which these boxes are perfect for! Another sheet is dedicated to deco stickers, while the last sheet on the right is functional stickers.

All sheets are matte, except for the deco sticker sheet on the very left. Those stickers are glossy which is perfect since you won’t need to write on them.

Sticky Panduh October 2016 Info

Because this is the very first Sticky Panduh package, a freebie sticker sheet is included, yay! More stickers, more fun!

Sticky Panduh October 2016 Freebie

Paper Panduh Freebie Planner Stickers

More fox stickers with the fall theme! This sheet is also glossy and perfect to decorate your weekly schedule.

My Thoughts: What a nice and pleasant first package from the Sticky Panduh subscription! Although I was expecting a fall theme for the stickers, I definitely didn’t think that it would all be foxes galore, lol. But still, they’re cute and I will definitely use them in my planner. For the price, this is way cheaper than buying individual sticker sets on Etsy, so that’s a win for me. I’m hoping the next package will bring more stickers that have the same theme throughout but not exactly the same type of stickers. Perhaps a sweater weather theme? That would be so perfect! Hint hint ;)

Interested in subscribing? You can go to to start receiving their monthly sticker package!