The Planner Addict Box July 2017 Review!

The Planner Addict Box

Subscription: The Planner Addict Box

Cost: $20 + S&H. (My shipping fee to California was $3.75)

What’s in the box: The box features exclusive planner goodies created by PAB for all types of planners and planner sizes.

If you’re a planner addict such as myself, you know how it can be so fun to decorate your planners with cute stickers and accessories. It’s so addicting, I just can’t seem to have enough of it!

The Planner Addict Box - First look at unboxing

First look at unboxing shows the info card and all the items packaged nicely underneath.

The Info Card:

The Planner Addict Box - Info Card

Each box comes with an info card that lists all the items inside and their values. This month, there’s actually one item that’s not listed on the card but was in the box. More on that later, keep reading my friends!

And here are all the items in July's box:

The Planner Addict Box July 2017 Items

Items in detail:

The Planner Addict Box - Sticker Mini Kit

Sticker Mini Kit, Value $4

These functional and decorative stickers are perfect to use for your vertical Erin Condren Life Planner, but you can totally use them for any box or column style planning which is all the craze right now.

The Planner Addict Box - Travel Washi Tapes

Travel Washi Tapes, 1 Skinny (Value $3) & 1 Big Tape (Value $3.50)

I am washi obsessed and I must confess, I keep hoarding them to no end. There’s just too many cute designs plus I can use them for so many things, it’s justified in my opinion! =P

These washi tapes are perfect for my travel journaling. I love the camera one in particular cause I do take lots of pics (I wonder why), but the landmark design is super cute as well, especially that Eifell Tower on it. So happy to add these to my washi collection!

The Planner Addict Box - See The World Pen

See The World Pen, Value $5

This stylish gold pen is adorned with travel phrases that will surely go well on your next vacation. I’m going to put this straight into my travel document organizer where it perfectly belongs.

The Planner Addict Box - Mini Binder Clips & Page Flags

Mini Binder Clips, Value $3.75

I don’t really find myself using binder clips that often, but these blue and pink ones will certainly be used for organizing my travel receipts. They are small in size so they’d be perfect for that.

Page Flags, Value $4

These page flags match the binder clips and are great to create a temporary note or bookmark within your journal. There are many other creative uses of course, but those are mainly what I use them for.

The Planner Addict Box - Camera Notebook

Camera Notebook, Value $4

A notebook that has cameras all over it, well yes please! I think I’m going to use it to document a recent travel vacation and make it into a FujiFilm Mini Instax photo album/journal. Yay, a new project for me!

The Planner Addict Box - Pen Loop Set

PenLoopsSet, Value $4?

These are 2 leather pen loops that you can stick anywhere in your planner so you can easily attach your pen and have it handy at anytime. I didnt’ see this item listed in the info card, but I’m so glad it was included in the box cause I was in need of this! Most planners that I use don’t have a pen holder, so this is going to be super convenient for me!

My Thoughts: I love that The Planner Addict Box decided to do a travel theme this month, so appropriate since many people take vacations during the summer months. All the items were spot on for the theme and the value exceeded the cost which is a super plus!

Interested in subscribing? Go to their website to start receiving their monthly planner accessories.

The PAB Items

Product Price
Sticker Mini Kit $4
Washi Tapes $6.50
Pen $5
Page Flags $4
Notebook $4
Mini Binder Clips $3.75
Pen Loop Set $4
Subscription Cost $20