The Planner Society Kit August 2016 Review!

The Planner Society Kit

Subscription: The Planner Society Kit

Cost: $24.95/month + Flat Rate Shipping. US is $5.95, Canada & Mexico $8.95 and all other International $12.95.

What’s in the box: Generally there will be 6 sheets of paper (double sided with a total of 6 unique exclusive designs), notepads, sticky notes, unique paperclips, planner stickers, planner stamps, charms, embellishments, and more!

If you’re a planner addict such as myself, you know how it can be so fun to decorate your planners with cute and useful adornments. It’s so addicting, I just can’t seem to have enough of it!

I’m always on the lookout for cool and interesting subscription boxes, especially for planners and that’s when I found out about The Planner Society Kit. This box was created by Christy Tomlinson who is a talented designer and personally designs all the artwork for the items in this box. With a huge following and the fact that this box has been getting great reviews, I knew I just had to subscribe!

The Planner Society Kit - First look at unboxing

The Planner Society Kit - First look at unboxing

First look at unboxing shows packages inside. I actually received 3 kits; The Planner Society Kit, Sticker Society Kit, and Box Sticker Society Kit. Each kit is packaged in its own paper bag, hence why you see 3 packages. I’ll be doing a separate review for the additional 2 kits so be sure to read that post.

The Planner Society Kit Package

If you subscribe to only the main kit, you’ll receive just the big blue floral paper package as pictured above.

The Planner Society Kit - Package unboxing

Upon opening the package, you see all the items inside. This month’s theme is Nautical!

And here are all the items in August's box:

The Planner Society Kit August 2016 Items

Items in detail:

The Planner Society August 2016 Papers

Double Sided Paper in Exclusive Designs (2 sheets for each design, 6 sheets total)

You can use these papers for just about anything. From making dividers for your planners, dashboards, bookmarks, greeting cards, envelopes, you name it. I personally use them to make planner dividers and envelopes and I just love it!

The Planner Society August 2016 Stickers Package

The stickers that are included with your kit are always packaged in another small paper bag.

The Planner Society August 2016 Stickers Package

The Planner Society August 2016 Stickers

Sticker Sheets in Exclusive Designs (5 sheets)

Because this month’s theme is Nautical, you can definitely see that in each of the stickers design. I can’t say it’s my favorite theme, but I do take a cruise now and then, plus I go to the beach or sail once in awhile so these will be great to decorate those days.

The Planner Society August 2016 Puffy Stickers

Puffy Stickers

I don’t use a lot of puffy stickers in my planner because they make it bulky, but I may use it to decorate a greeting card or for scrapbooking purposes. Either way, the design is cute and very well made.

The Planner Society August 2016 Wood Journal Cards

Wood Journal Cards

These cards are great for journaling, scrapbooking, and card making. You can also stick it onto your current dashboard or planner divider to decorate it more. You’ll probably want to laminate it though if you’ll be using it on your dashboard or divider because of the wood material.

The Planner Society August 2016 Stamps

The Planner Society August 2016 Stamps

Wood Stamps

Woohoo, a set of wooden stamps! It’s cute, functional and small in size so it doesn’t take too much space. I only wish it wasn’t completely nautical, that way I can use it more for my weekly spread or daily schedule.

The Planner Society August 2016 - Folder Tabs & Labels

Folder Tabs & Labels

These folder tabs and labels are always included in the box. You can choose which sticker label you want to use, then place them on the white section of the folder tab and voila, perfect tabs ready to be used!

Subscribers were made aware that the folder tabs included in this month’s box as well as a couple months back has the label section incorrectly placed. The white box on the tabs where you would put the title is at the bottom section which would make them not visible and defeat the purpose, but you can correct that of course and it doesn’t take much effort. Next month’s box should have the tabs correctly made so you can use the sticker labels and put them on the tabs perfectly.

The Planner Society August 2016 - Page Flags

Page Flags

These page flags has the adhesive on the arrow side. You can use this to highlight a task or event on your planner so that you can make sure it won’t be missed.

The Planner Society August 2016 - Notepad

Mermaid Notepad

Every box tends to include a notepad and this month has a mermaid figure as well as gold foil. I know that mermaids have been getting a lot of trend in the stationery world as of late, I personally am not a big fan, but this notepad is pretty and I’m always a sucker for anything gold foil so I’m quite happy with this and hope that I see more gold foiled items in future boxes!

The Planner Society August 2016 - Paper Clips

Paper/Planner Clips

How cute are these paper clips! I love the ribbons and the patterns on each one of them are so darling. I can definitely use them even when I’m not having a nautical theme on my spreads.

The Planner Society August 2016 Bag

Nautical Bag

This subscription box tends to send out small bags once in awhile and I’m so happy they sent one this month! This is so cute and very chic indeed.

The Planner Society August 2016 Bag

It’s quite roomy inside and fits a lot of the items included in this month’s box. This will come handy to store my small planner accessories and craft tools. Love it!

The Planner Society August 2016 - Planner Charm

Planner Charm

Oooh, look at this gorgeous planner charm! It has a striped ribbon with blue and white stripes, then there’s 3 charms dangling from it.

The Planner Society August 2016 - Planner Charm

The charms consist of a mermaid, an anchor, and a hook with the word “HOPE” engraved on it. I absolutely adore this and it looks great on both my Erin Condren LifePlanner as well as my Kate Spade personal planner. So so pretty!

The Planner Society August 2016 - Washi Tape

Washi Tape

This month’s washi tape is dark blue with light blue floral pattern. Although I do love me some florals, I was kind of hoping for a more of a stripe pattern to represent the nautical theme. Florals doesn’t seem very nautical to me, but that’s just my opinion.

Here’s how it looks on paper:

The Planner Society August 2016 - Washi Tape

It’s definitely not one of my favorite washi tapes, but it’s still pretty in its own right so I will definitely use this at some point.

The Planner Society August 2016 - Pen

Planner Society Girl Pen

This is an ink gel pen with a very fine tip that writes smooth and is consistent. I love fine tip pens for my planners, that way I can write more on a small space. Plus this mix pattern of stripes and floral somehow just works and I love it.

My Thoughts: It’s always so fun opening up my Planner Society Kit! Although I do look at spoilers from their Instagram account so I know what I’ll be getting early on, but it’s still a thrill to unbox and finally have the items on hand. This month’s theme wasn’t that big of a hit for me personally, but I know I will use these at some point, especially with my tendency to go to the beach or sail or even take a cruise vacation now and then, so this kit will be perfect for that. The variety of items included this month was amazing. I loved the bag, the stamp set, the gold foil notepad, the planner charm, plus 3 pretty planner clips, I mean that’s just awesome. I wish it was like this every month! If you’re new to the planning craze or am a planner addict (which I think I’m quickly graduating to), then I totally suggest for you to subscribe to this box. The amount of items you get definitely outweighs the cost of the box. It’s a must have, especially since these items are exclusive so you know you won’t get them anywhere else. Can’t wait for September’s box to come!

Interested in subscribing? You can go to their website to start receiving their monthly planner boxes! FYI, they take official signups from the 2nd - 14th of each month.