Treatsie Subscription Box Review June 2015 + Free Box!

Subscription: Treatsie

Cost: $15/month + $4.95 Shipping for the Standard Box (value up to $25); or $27/month + $4.95 Shipping for the Double Sweets Box (value up to $50)

What's in the box: Gourmet sweets and snacks from vendors all over the country. Boxes ship the week after the 15th.

Coupon: Click here for a Buy One, Get one FREE deal! That's 2 boxes for the price of one!

This review is for the Double Sweets Box.

When you subscribe, you'll answer a few questions on your treats preference. Such as milk chocolate versus dark chocolate, or if you like coffee or not, and they use this to determine what products to send.

First look at unboxing

The info card that lists the items plus value

It seems the value listed on the card doesn't match the amount of items I received, so I'm guessing this info card was meant for the Standard Box.

And here are my treats:

Note that because this is the Double Sweets Box, I actually have 2 of each item shown. You'll see them in the details below.

Items in detail:

Salem Baking - Meyer Lemon Moravian Cookies
2 x 2.75 oz. Small Tubes, Value $4.99 each

I love thin cookies and the packaging is cute and travel friendly. My cookies won't get squished in my bag.

These cookies are not overly sweet, in fact I would say they're slightly sweet which I like. It's made from grated Meyer lemon zest and cold pressed lemon oil for maximum flavor. Pure cane sugar, finely milled wheat flour and whole eggs complete this treasured recipe.

Nutwhats in Peanut Butter Crunch and Almond
4 small packs, Value $4 each

What a funny name! Since I'm not a big fan of peanut butter, I preferred the Almond flavor more. These are bite sized treats that are soft, buttery and very nutty.

The Art of Caramel in Bananas Foster with Dark Rum and Vanilla Bean Cocoa Nib
4 small packs, Value $4 each

I love popcorn, its my all time favorite snack and I can eat them anywhere, not just theaters. I even love the popcorn flavored Jelly Beans, that's how much I love em!

The Bananas Foster with Dark Rum was the bomb, like literally exploded with intoxicating flavors that accompany each other well, amazing. After that flavor, the Vanilla one had no chance -I should have started with the less intense flavor first, my bad.

The Art of Caramel has a variety of unique flavors available on their website and its also packaged in a cool glass jar -ooohh, must have. I'm eyeing the Kentucky Bourbon Black Pepper flavor, that's gotta be amazing too.

My Thoughts: I was confused at first if I got the wrong box (Standard versus Double) since the info card stated that the value of my box totaled to $21 and with the Double Sweets Box the value should be closer to $40-50. I reached out to their customer service and I did in fact received the Double Sweets box, so all is well. The way to know is if you received double the items, duh! The info card just threw me off, so based on my items, the total value came up to $41.98 which is over the $31.95 subscription cost. Although the snacks were interesting and unique, I'm not sure the cost versus value is great. So if you're looking for that, this may not be the subscription for you. It's great though if you don't have access to stores that have unique treats close by or if you just love to have amazing treats delivered monthly.

If you want to try them out, you can take advantage of their Buy One, Get one FREE deal by clicking on this link.

My Items

Name Price
Salem Baking Lemon Cookies $9.98
Nutwhats $16
The Art of Caramel Popcorn $16
Subscription Cost $31.95