Trendy Butler November 2016 Review + Coupon!

Disclosure: This package was sent to me in exchange for an honest review.

Trendy Butler

Subscription: Trendy Butler

Cost: $65/month + Free Shipping.

What you’ll get: Receive a custom package of menswear clothing from an array of both well known brands and todays hottest newest designers worth $150+ that’s picked by a stylist for you. Whether it’s a wardrobe upgrade or special occasion, Trendy Butler has you covered.

Coupon: Get $10 off your first package through this link and use coupon code STYLEU10!

Trendy Butler is a subscription that delivers brand name and trendy menswear based on a style profile that you complete upon subscribing. Not only do they take your profile into consideration when selecting items for you, they also take into account your location to send you appropriate weather clothes, how awesome is that! And since my husband hates shopping, this subscription has been a life saver for him!

First look at unpacking

Trendy Butler sends their items in a thick brown paper envelope and when you open that, you see the items packaged neatly inside.

Based on my husband's profile, here is what they sent:

Trendy Butler - Thomas Payne Plaid Long Sleeve Shirt

Thomas Payne - Plaid Long Sleeve Shirt, Value $95

My last couple of packages featured this brand and since I expressed how happy my husband was with the style and brand, they’ve sent another shirt from them again this month, how lucky!

Here’s how it looks on:

Trendy Butler - Thomas Payne Plaid Long Sleeve Shirt

The plaid red, blue and white color was perfect for my husband to wear today for voting day! How awesome is that! The fit was great and the material was also thicker than usual long sleeve shirts are, which is perfect for fall and winter, and even for layering. This was a great shirt that my husband was super pleased to receive!

Trendy Butler - Standard Issue NYC Khaki Jacket

Standard Issue NYC - Classic Blazer in Light Khaki, Value $165

I always feel super lucky when I see that they send a sports jacket or blazer in my packages. This one is super versatile in color and style, and the multiple pockets (3 in front and 1 inside) comes in handy to store those small important items.

Here’s how it looks on:

Trendy Butler - Standard Issue NYC Khaki Jacket

It looks super cool when paired with the plaid shirt, and my husband was pleasantly surprised at how well it fit him too.

Trendy Butler - Standard Issue NYC Khaki Jacket

When buttoned up, you see the front two pockets more clearly and it really adds some dapper style to the overall look. I told my husband to spread his arms so you can see the pockets more :) The khaki color is also perfect for the warm all around California weather. This can totally be worn for all seasons here.

My Thoughts: Trendy Butler nailed it again in sending stylish items for my husband this month! The long sleeve plaid shirt came in the perfect color combination that my husband wore for voting day, and the jacket was just perfection. Blazers are one of my husband’s favorite things to wear because not only is it functional in keeping you warm, but it also completes your whole dapper look and can dress up any outfit. Easy styling for a guy who doesn’t like to take too much time dressing up! This was one great pair of items to receive and another perfect package to add to the collection!

If you haven’t subscribed yet, you can get $10 off your first package through this link with coupon code STYLEU10!

My Trendy Butler Items

Product Price
Thomas Payne - Plaid Long Sleeve Shirt $95
Standard Issue NYC - Classic Blazer in Light Khaki $165
Subscription Cost $65