Hamptons Lane September 2015 "Fresh Grill" Review + $10 Coupon!

Hamptons Lane

Subscription: Hamptons Lane

Cost: $47/monthly + Free Shipping to U.S. (Alaska & Hawaii may incur extra shipping fee)

What you get: Each month, their team of experts curates amazing kitchen products together with artisan foods & ingredients into a themed box, like the Must-Haves of Cocina Mexicana or The Best in BBQ. On the 1st of the month they reveal a new curated box for you to decide whether you want it, skip it, or choose another box from their past curations.

Coupon: Join through this link to get $10 off your first box!

I've only recently subscribed to Hamptons Lane and so far it's been great. I've had boxes in the past before but just never got around to doing a review, so I made it a point to do one this month =)

On the 1st of every month they release a new curated themed box and you get to either choose that box or a box from their past releases that are still available.

This month I chose the "Fresh Grill" box since we were doing a lot of grilling lately, especially kabobs so this looked perfect.

First look at unboxing
First look at unboxing

And here are all the items from the "Fresh Grill" box:

Fresh Grill Items

So far it looks great and I can't wait to use all of these soon!

The Info Booklet:

Info Sheet
Info Sheet
Info Sheet

Every box comes with an info booklet that describes the items, how to use them, and recipes too! This is very helpful and well done in production, they even gave instructions on how to prep the wood planks so that you get maximum benefit from them.

Fresh Grill Packaging

The planks and bottled sauces were packaged safely as you can see above. This definitely minimized if not completely eliminate movement of these items during shipment. All items came in one piece with no spills or leakage.

Items in detail:

BBQ Wood Planks
Trio of Maple, Cedar, & Hickory Grill Planks from Hamptons Lane
Value $15

This set includes a Maple Plank, Cedar Plank, and a Hickory Plank. Each one gives a different smokey flavor to your meats of choice. Maple will give a sweet smokey flavor, while the Cedar gives more of a smokey edge that's perfect for salmon, and Hickory will give a distinctive savory smoke that'll go great on steaks.

We don't use a lot of planks for grilling so this was one of the reasons I chose the box. And you don't just get one, you get 3 different kinds so that was exciting. I do have to note that these are pretty small in size though, it's more suited for a 2-person serving. I grilled 12 pieces of shrimp in the cedar plank and it was so tasty good!

FireWire Bendable Grilling Skewers
Smith Products - FireWire Bendable Grilling Skewers
Value $8.25 (they listed this at $15 but I found it cheaper on Amazon)

These were the second reason why I chose this box. We love grilling kabobs but sometimes the long sticks do get in the way of precious grilling space and this tackles that problem. It's bendable and can hold more than twice as much food than standard rigid skewers. I think I managed to have almost 6 regular skewers on these 2 alone, amazing. And not only that, another benefit is that you can marinate your food even after it's skewered because of the bendable ability. This is definitely a useful and effective tool for grilling, so happy we have these!

Carolina BBQ Sauce
Lillie's Q - Award-winning Carolina BBQ Sauce
Value $8 (they listed this at $11.75, value was taken from Lillie's Q's website)

Apple and lime juices are just two of the secret ingredients that give this Carolina sauce its tangy character. You can use this to grill just about any beef, pork, or poultry. This sauce is also a favorite of Oprah and was highly regarded in the Food & Wine magazine.

Lillie’s Q is also a famous restaurant in Chicago that was named the Best New BBQ Restaurant in the country in 2011. I'll be sure to visit them when I go to Chicago again!

Salmon Rub
Tom Douglas' Award-winning Salmon Rub by Rub with Love
Value $6.50 (they listed at $8.25)

I love rubs, I have 2 drawers (nicely organized if I may add) of rubs and I use it everytime I cook any type of meat. Just this past weekend I decided to use this rub on shrimp as their info booklet suggested and wow, they were so tasty! I can't wait to use it on just about any seafood, especially salmon of course.

Argentinian Chimichurri Sauce
Elvio's Chimichurri - Argentinian Chimichurri Sauce
Value $15 (they listed at $17.50)

"Elvio’s chimichurri was born on cattle drives by his grandfather, Ignacio, a real Argentinian gaucho. It is handcrafted into a product that contains no preservatives, additives or sugars, including no high fructose corn syrup. It is also gluten-free and vegan and one of Martha Stewart’s favorite made-in-America products."

Chimichurri's are a hit or miss for me, some can be really good but others can be aweful. This one in particular was a hit! I rubbed some of this on romaine hearts then grilled it for 5 minutes and bam, amazing. I then topped it off with the grilled shrimp that I mentioned above. Such a great appetizier/salad that's quick and easy to make. A definite keeper!

My Thoughts: I've been impressed so far with Hamptons Lane. I find that they do tend to inflate the prices, but even with my researched actual values, they are still worth the $47/box price. The items were well curated and I love the themes that they produce. It makes it so easy for me to utilize everything in the box and I get introduced to so many unique and useful kitchen tools and ingredients. Definitely a must have if you want to take an adventure in the culinary world!

If you're interested, you can visit their website to see all their available boxes or subscribe here to get $10 off your first box!

Fresh Grill Box Items

Product Price
Trio of Grill Planks $15
FireWire Bendable Grilling Skewers $8.25
Lillie's Q - Award-winning Carolina BBQ Sauce $8
Tom Douglas' Award-winning Salmon Rub $6.50
Elvio's Chimichurri $15
Subscription Cost $47